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Have you ever needed someone with graphic design expertise and business consulting experience here in Zurich?  Ann Söderblom is our featured Guest Blog for December and she might be just the person you’ve been looking for.  As well as setting up a new business this year concentrating on graphic design and business consulting, Söderblom Design, this very motivated and focused multi-lingual Swede is full of “can do” attitude and is enthusiastic to help your business.

Ann Soderblom

NewInZurich:  Ann, tell me a little bit about yourself and how new you are to Zurich.

Ann: I’m originally from Sweden but I’ve been in Zurich now for about 4 years.  I grew up in Sweden and studied graphic design and communications at the University of Berg in Sweden. I arrived in Zurich via Barcelona, having lived in Spain for 3 years.

NewInZurich:  What inspired you to create Söderblom Design and what do you do?

Ann: Well my business is basically about web and graphic design, although due to business demand I’m also now concentrating on business consulting too. My personal mission is to help people transition from employment to entrepreneurship, since that has been such a positive change in my own life since the start of 2012. I really enjoy working with expats and international Swiss people who are setting up their own passion and freedom based businesses.

NewInZurich: How did you come to start up this business?

Ann: I tested out a few different things  and started out with a few client projects and it’s grown from there. Most of my works has come via word of mouth and I had to leave my full time job in January 2012 so that I could concentrate on my new business full time. In fact during, the past year I’ve taken on over 30 customer projects.

NewInZurich: How did you find out that you had a flair for graphic design and for running your own business?

Ann: Since I was very young my dream has always been to run my own business.  It’s something I’ve always been passionate about and what I always enjoyed in my other start-up businesses. What I do most of the time is to help the client with a full corporate identity including the logo, business cards, website and much more.

NewInZurich: What are your plans for 2013?

I’m very excited about the coming year since so much has already happened in 2012. On a personal note I found my once-in-a-lifetime boyfriend and we now have a house together, so I’m very happy about that too! In 2013 I aim to focus on more business development for my clients. I really enjoy helping people start their own business and fulfilling what for many is a  life-long dream.

Ann can be contacted at Söderblom Design on tel: +41 (0)76 411 20 37, email  and her website is


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