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Our first Guest Blog is from Rachel Dale, a busy mum of three and NewInZurich friend, who has been training for the past 30 weeks for the IronMan Event this Sunday www.ironman.ch Read all about Rachel’s experiences here:       

Rachel says: My three boys were singularly unimpressed when I announced I was thinking of doing the “Half Ironman”.  If I wanted to do an ironman at all, it should be whole thing, the full Ironman, for them to be proud . So here I am, 48 hours before my first Ironman a race which will consist of 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of hilly bike rides followed by a full Marathon! And most importantly, it all needs to be completed within 16 hours!!! It’s a tough challenge for very experienced athletes, nevermind me!  On Sunday, there will be 1,400 men & just 200 women competing to finish. A few will have their sights set on completing in the first 50 and they will be rewarded with a starting place in Kona, Hawaii, for the Ironman World Championships . My sights are not set that high . If I can finish without walking the marathon, l will be delighted.

So this Sunday morning, the swimming starts at 7am – it will be quite a sight with all the athletes entering the water in one go! The top athletes finish between 4-5pm, with the stragglers like me bringing up the rear sometime before 11pm.

As I wait for Sunday morning, my thoughts turn to preparation – consuming enough food & water, keeping warm for the predicted bad weather & trying to keep still and most of all to rest, which unbelievably, is the hardest job of all!

It’s been a long 30 weeks of training, on average 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. The tough days have been cycling in the rain for hours on my own, training hard with a very fit Swiss triathlon club, in a language I don’t understand and learning to swim the crawl in the lake. The good days have been amazing, Switzerland is a beautiful place to train, I’ve made great friends and just teaching your body to do things it doesn’t know how to do has been incredible.

I look forward to testing my body and feel happy just to have made it to the starting line, crossing the finishing line will be an amazing bonus.


Rachel Dale is competing in the Ironman to raise money for  KidneyResearch in support of her son Charlie’s illness. If you would like to donate:www.kidneyresearchukevents.org/charliedalemarathon


Update!  Rachel will be taking part in the Jungfrau Marathon in aid of Room to Read on Saturday September 8th.  


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