Hidden Gems …. the Blausee

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Where in the world is this?  This photo was taken on a November day …. but where was it?  Spain, Egypt, the Caribbean?

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee


Hidden Gems …. the Blausee



Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

In fact the top photo was taken at Blausee, a beautiful, crystal clear aqua-coloured lake in the Bernese Oberland, not far from Interlaken.  A hidden gem lying in the Kander valley 900 m above sea level, it has an enchanting fairy-grotto like appeal and is a great location from which to hike and explore this beautiful area. The statue of the girl was created in 1998 and the story is rather sad.

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

The Sad Legend of Blausee

A plaque next to the staue states: “In memory of the legend of the Blausee, the artist and sculptor Raphael Fuchs carved a statue of the beautiful young girl who was found dead in this lake many years ago. This was the place where she used to spend many romantic hours with her lover. After his sudden death, which she couldn’t come to terms with, she continued to return to the Blue Lake every night until she eventually died of grief herself”. The blueness of the lake was apparently caused by her tears.

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

The Hotel At Blausee

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

The lake itself is filled with fish including organic trout. There is a Hotel at Blausee directly on the lake and it has a great restaurant featuring fabulous trout specialities which is mentioned in the Gault Millaut, Guide Michelin and Gout Mieux guides.

The hotel was originally constructed in 1878 as a sanatorium for people to get some  pure mountain air. As well as great views over this lovely lake the hotel also boasts a well-equipped spa with views directly over the water. What better place to escape the hurly burly of city life and relax?

Hotel Blausee

Photo courtesy of Blausee Hotel and Spa

The Blausee Nature Park

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

The area is surrounded by a 20 hectare park which is open all year round from 9am – 5pm. You pay a fee to enter the park  – CHF 8 for adults and CHF 4 for children in high season (under 5s are free) and this goes towards the maintenance and care of this very special park. In good weather you can take a trip on the lake with a glass bottomed boat, there are picnic areas and lots of walkways and you can even visit the organic trout farm for free.

In Winter the scenery changes but the colour of the lake remains the same.

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

The surrounding park land is stunning and it’s wonderful to just walk around.

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

It is certainly a beautiful place to visit any time of the year with it’s magical water and beautiful park – a real hidden gem and which makes for a great day trip from Zurich.

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

Photos by Carmen Sirboiu

Blausee Location


Getting There: From Zurich there are a variety of ways of getting by public transport. Probably the most direct is to take the train to Kandersteg and then the bus to Kandergrund and it’s roughly a 10 minute walk from there. By car it is quicker and takes around 2 hours.


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Blausee Switzerland


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