NewInZurich Guide to Shopping in Zurich After Christmas and over New Year

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NewInZurich Guide to

Christmas and New Year Shopping in Zurich


26th December or Boxing Day is known as St Stephen’s Day or “Stephantag” here in Zurich! Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays.  In case you were hoping to join stampedes of shoppers rushing to the shops to buy stuff in the sales as in other countries, relax and enjoy the tranquility  …. as the shops are still shut in Zurich today.

For 2018 they re-open on December 27th. So here is a

Quick Guide to the main Shopping Hours for the apres-Christmas and New Year season:

Shopping in Zuerich ©

Zurich’s Main Stores Opening 

(NB some of the smaller shops may have shorter hours on certain days)

26/12/18 (Boxing Day / Stephanstag)  – Closed

27/12/18 – Open

31/12/18 (Silvester / New Year’s Eve)  – Open – some shops maybe closing early

1/1/19 (Neu Jahr / New Year’s Day) – closed for Bank Holiday

2/1/19 (Berchtoldstag) – Shops open again!

Coop Stores Shop Locator

Migros Stores Shop Locator 

Volg Stores Shop Locator (search term entry at bottom of map on left hand side)

Aldi’s Store Shop Locator:

Lidl’s stores Shop Locator:

Shops Open 365 Days A Year

Zurich Airport and the shops at Zurich main station which are open 365 days a year and various other train stations, petrol stations etc.

For most of the locators above you simply type in your postcode to find the nearest store to your address.

And of course, when the shops open after Christmas, it can only mean one thing – it’s SALE time!

You can check out the websites for opening hours: 

Globus  and Jelmoli and Manor

Most of these store locators are all in German, and in most cases enter you simply type in your postcode to find the nearest store to your address.

Because shopping is a topic many of you will wish to return to, we have also listed the Shopping Loctators and Shopping Guides in a special section all of their own under “Practical Info” top of the website.

Happy Shopping! And hope you find some bargains in the sales!

Sales in Zurich © Glatt






Photos and Glatt

When you get home why not try our Quiz about Zurich here.


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