Living In Zurich – Courses and Workshops for Newcomers

Living in Zurich – Courses and Workshops for Newcomers to Zurich

When you first arrive in Zurich it’s really helpful to find out as much as possible about the city – how the public transport system works, how to dispose of rubbish correctly, where and what to recycle, what’s on and where. Books such as David Hampshire’s “Living and Working in Switzerland” are always a good start for practical information about Switzerland and NewInZurich runs regular Workshops which last approximately 2.5 hours, giving you all the essential information you need to get settled in Zurich in an afternoon or morning. However, Stadt Zurich also runs a course called “In Zurich Leben” or “Living in Zurich” which runs once a week in Zurich on Wednesday mornings for 3 months.

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This course is held at Zentrum Karl der Grosse in the Niederdorf and is aimed at women, giving an in-depth look at all aspects of practical life in Zurich from the Swiss political system, Swiss healthcare and insurance, schooling and education and lots more.  It is run in 12 languages including English, Spanish, German and the cost is just CHF 60 if you live in the city of Zurich and CHF 320 if you live outside the city centre.  Childcare is also offered for an additional CHF 30 if you live in Zurich and CHF 90 if you don’t .

Having attended the course myself I can attest to it being really helpful and interesting. It’s also a great way to meet other people who like you are new in the city. The next course begins on January 15th 2014. “Living in Zurich” takes place on Wednesdays from 8:45 to 11:15 am. For more details call 044 412 37 37 or send an email.

If you’re new to living in Zurich, you may also want to consider taking the NewInZurich “Orientation Tour of Zurich”, Costing CHF 65 it includes a tour of the city starting at first principles, public transport, what tickets you need to buy, where the key shops are in town, where you can get Asian / ethnic / foreign food, as well as insider tips on the best restaurants, bars and cafes in town. It also includes a visit to a cafe and a hot chocolate. There is a special price of just CHF 40 per person for attendees of the Living in Zurich / In Zurich Leben course. Minimum group of 6 people required. To book this tour please send us an email giving details of how many people you would be and when you would like the tour.

Article first published December 2012. Updated December 2013.


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