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Stadelhofen in the snow

Here are some photos of Zurich under a big blanket of snow. Most Winters when the snow arrives the landscape in the city completely changes. It doesn’t make for a great commute into town but it’s wonderful for building snowmen, turning the parks and fields into toboggan runs and fabulous for skiing in the mountains. 2015 – 16 wasn’t a very snowy Winter but there is still great skiing in the mountains.

Flims / Laax Ski resort

This is just a light hearted quiz to see how many facts you know about Switzerland – why not give it a try and see how you fare?

Question 1: How may Cantons are there in Switzerland?

a) 24

b) 26

c) 28

Question 2: What was the resident population of Switzerland in 2012?

a) 7.74 million

b) 8.14 million

c) 8.74 million

Question 3: What is the total land area of Switzerland?

a) 52,375 square kilometres

b) 47, 277 square kilometres

c) 41, 277 square kilometres

Question 4: What percentage of the population is over 80 years old?

a) 20%

b) 28%

c) 31%

Question 5: How much chocolate do the Swiss eat on average per person per year?

a) 2kgs

b) 5kgs

c) 12kgs

Question 6: According to the 2011 statistics, which nationality makes up the largest percentage in Switzerland?

a) German

b) Italian

c) Portuguese

Question 7: What percentage of the Swiss population speak German?

a) 43.7%

b) 53.7%

c) 63.7%

Question 8: What is the tallest building in Switzerland (this has been updated for 2015)?


Question 9: What is the biggest waterfall in Switzerland?


Question 10: What is the highest summit in Switzerland?


Please note that the answers are based on Swiss Federal Statistics Office and other sources.

Hope you had a little fun doing that How did you get on? Answers below:

Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich in the snow

Answers: Q1 b, Q2 b, Q3 c, Q4 b according to data from 2010, Q5 c Can you believe it – how come they’re so slim?, Q6 b  (Italian 287, 995, German 275,300), Q7 c, Q8 The Roche Tower in Basel, Q9: The Rhinefalls, near Schaffhausen, Q10 Dufourspitze, the highest peak of  Monte Rosa 

Photos of snowy scenes in Zurich and Flims / Laax ski resort.

More information on the tallest building in Switzerland here.


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