Zuerifasnacht – Carnival Fun in Zurich for all the family

Zuerifasnacht – Carnival Fun in Zurich for all the family

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Did you manage to see any of the “Zuerifasnacht” today in town? If not, you still have time tomorrow where there will be costumes, wigs, outrageous outfits and lots of music from the Guggen bands. Don’t miss out on the fun – pop down town to see what’s going on.

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Here are some photos from today in Niederdorf. As well as the streets being strewn with confetti there was music and revelry in the air as bands played and people roamed the streets dressed in all colours and types of clothing.

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Tomorrow Sunday 17th February at 2.30pm there will be the big parade through town – so be prepared for glitter, confetti, loud costumes and even louder music. For details of the route the parade will be taking click here.

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The weather looks as if it will be good tomorrow (no more snow for the time being!) so why not enjoy a fun day out?

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If you’re not able to visit Zurich tomorrow and you want to have a “full Fasnacht experience” you could always hold out for the big one in Basel which start at 4am on Monday morning. Basler Fasnacht is famous and the SBB even lay on special trains from Zurich so that you can get there in time for the early start.  For more information on Basler Fasnacht please read our previous post. Whatever you do have fun!

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