Chocolate Fashion Show at the Salon du Chocolat and the making of a Chocolate Dress

Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show

Are you going to the Salon du Chocolat this week?  If so, one of the highlights of the event will be the fashion shows where the models walk down the runway wearing chocolate fashion garments – real couture masterpieces made out of chocolate! At 5pm on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th March at the Salon du Chocolat in Zurich you will have the opportunity to view the Chocolate Fashion Show and afterwards the dresses will not be eaten (!) but instead kept for posterity in a dedicated exhibition.

Salon du chocolat fashion show

These works of art are a result of a collaboration between chocolatiers and fashion designers.

The Swiss fashion designer Christa de Carouge has been collaborating with Confiserie Sprungli to create a fabulous chocolate creation which will be unveiled to the press on the catwalk on Thursday evening. Christa, a renowned designer, who is also known as the “dame en noir” for her prediliction for wearing black, and Angela Jordi, Confiseurin at Sprunglis, have been busy creating a masterpiece made of chocolate – a symphony of style and taste. The dress itself is a dedicated labour of love, requiring a great amount of skill, huge amounts of patience and around 2kg of chocolate.

Here is a photo of Christa de Carouge and Angela Jordi together and some photos of Angela working on the dress itself.

Christa de Courege and Angela Jordi of Sprungli's ©

The process of creating the dress can take up to a week and involves the melted chocolate being painted on to both the dress and the accessories with a small paintbrush. It is painstaking work and requires a great deal of skill. Here in the “atelier” where other chocolate and confiserie projects are undertaken there is a sense of calm and concentration – you can almost hear a pin drop as these master “decorators” work their magic with their sweet ingredients.

Angela Jordi, Sprungli's

The painting on of the chocolate is a complicated process and after the chocolate has been applied a further layer of  “nougat varnish” is added to strengthen the fibres. Nothing can be left out – even the hair pieces and accessories are covered in chocolate.

Sprunglis Chocolate

Pictured above the vat of melted chocolate which goes into the prodcuction of the dress.

Angela Jordi, Sprungli's

Once each section of the chocolate has dried the paper is removed. The design is further enhanced with the application of edible gold leaf – see close up of the dress below – to create a pattern on the dress itself. The dress itself needs to be strong enough to cope with being put on and taken off for four separate fashion shows – the press event and the three public events – so keeping it cool (and the models wearing the dresses) is an important part of the plan. Behind the scenes wear the models change into the clothes it is kept decidedly chilly! Furthermore, in case of damage or breakage to these delicate works of art, the chocolatier will be on hand during the shows to make any repairs should they beome necessary.

Sprunglis melted chocolate

We can’t unveil what the chocolate dress will look like as it is still being worked upon – and anyway, you need to go to the show to see it for yourself to truly appreciate it – but it is sure to be stunning when it appears on the catwalk.

Here is the list of all the Chocolatiers and Designers taking part in the Salon du Chocolat Fashion Shows on 22nd, 23rd and 24th March :

-Confiserie Sprüngli & Christa de Carouge

-Luc Dorin (Luc Dorin Chocolatier) & John Coureau

-Pascal Beschle (Beschle Chocolatier Suisse) & Sara Hochuli (Les Gourmandises de Miyuko)

-Ariane Wirth (Suteria Chocolata) & Cornelia Peter (Peter Müller)

-Thierry Lalet (Chocolaterie Saunion) & Laëtitia MacLeod

-David Capy (La Chocolaterie de Bordeaux) & Charlotte Jaubert (Esmod)

-Timothée Debièvre (Restaurant Le Saint-James*) & Siana Rozaka

-Jean-Pascal Serignat (Du Rhône Chocolatier) & Denise Batumike

-René Haslinger (Konditorei Voland) & Magdalena Jedrkowiak (MJ Haute Couture)

-Willi Schmutz (Nobile Cioccolato) & Simon Wellfare (Wellfare)

-Geoffrey Ferreyra (Pâtisserie Ferreyra) & Elise Martimort

-Laurent Robatel (Villars Maître Chocolatier) & Marie-Hélène Prongué (Ecole de Couture de Fribourg)

So keep an eye out for high fashion “au chocolat” at the Salon du Chocolat starting on Friday 22nd March. For more information on the Salon du Chocolat itself, including entrance prices and event location, please read our previous post. And for even more fashion this week….

How about the Lange Nacht der Mode

and the Rennweg Fashion Show on Thursday 21st March?

Lange Nacht der Mode Zurich

In case you want to see some “non-chocolate” fashion before the chocolate fashion on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is a Fashion Show taking place in Rennweg on Thursday too!  It’s all part of the “Lange Nacht der Mode in Zurich City” taking place this Thursday 21st March from 6.30pm – 11pm with the “runway” at 6.45pm – 7.30pm.

Entrance is free with lots of special offers and promotions in each of the shops and there is a map on the website showing all the participating stores including Globus, PKZ, Jelmoli and Feldpausch. The party continues afterwards after 11pm at Club Hitl (tickets CHF 20) with music until the wee hours. For more information please follow the link.

Photos © Salon du Chocolat © NewInZurich and ©Lange Nacht der Mode



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