Baselworld – opulence, elegance and extravagance…..on until 2nd May 2013



Baselworld © K.Joshi

Photo: © K.Joshi

Have you ever visited Baselworld? The exhibition is currently running in Basel until 2nd May so if you’re interested you’ve still got time to pay a visit. So what is it all about? Essentially it’s a trade fair for the jewellery and watch market – but Baselworld is the most highly respected and prestigious jewellery and watch fair in the world. Visitors and exhibitors come from across the globe and as well as the leading watch and jewellery brands there are also companies specializing in precious gems.


Photo: © K.Joshi

NewInZurich friend Kieran, was lucky enough to visit Baselworld last week and she shared some of her impressions with us. The key things that bowled Kieran over were the opulence, the elegance and the extravagance of the event. It is quite clear that this is no ordinary trade fair and everything is on an enormous scale  from the Breitling fish tank filled with exotic fish to the gobstopper jewels in the showcases. And everywhere there are beautiful models walking round adorned in 1,000s (or millions?) of francs worth of gems – literally dripping in jewels!

Breitling fish tank at Baselworld

Photo: © Baselworld – photo of Breitling fish tank

Of course, all the big and famous jewellers and watch makers are on display but there are various price points and the tip is to go further up the floors to the more affordable goods if you get shell-shocked by the prices on the ground floor, as the prices are in inverse proportion to the height of the floors in the exhibition area!

 Photo: © K.Joshi

Photo: © K.Joshi

If you are planning a visit, 3 tips from Kieran:

1. Get to the exhibition early to avoid the rush

2. Allow plenty of time to see as much as you can in one visit  – the exhibition area is huge!

3. Enjoy people watching too – many of the visitors are wearing amazing baubles and watches – and have fun!

For more information please visit the website. The SBB has special deals with a combined entrance and train ticket. For more information read here.

Photos: © Baselworld and © K.Joshi

Thanks to Kieran for sharing her tips, information and photos.


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