Perfect Spring Day in Zurich, Sechseläuten Highlights and Video of Burning of the Böögg

Spring time in Zurich ©NewInZurich

Photo ©NewInZurich

Monday was a perfect Spring day in Zurich. The weather was fabulous, hot and sunny and in the afternoon it even hit 26 degrees (!) marking a welcome departure from recent weeks. It was a full or half day holiday for the lucky ones as Zurich celebrated the festival of Sechseläuten and the whole city was in Carnival mood!

Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurich

Photo © NewInZurich

sechselaeuten Photo ©Geoff Pegler

Photo © Geoff Pegler

There were horses, camels, bands and flag throwing. As some of the floats went past they threw sweets to the crowd and some even gave out tiny little glasses of wine. The costumes was amazing and even many of the crowd were dressed in traditional costume or “Tracht”.

Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurich

Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurich

Photos © NewInZurich

The streets were thronged with people, there were pop up food and refreshment stands everywhere (lots of Bratwurst naturally!) and the flags were flying all over. The trams and buses weren’t running in the city centre and there were flowers and colour all around.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.14.31 PM

Photo © Geoff Pegler

The Parade of the 26 Zunfte began at 2pm and before the procession even got near you could hear the bands booming out from afar. Young and old were seated along the streets and there were flowers galore.

Sechselaeuten Zurich 2013 © Geoff Pegler        Sechselaeuten Zurich 2013 © Geoff Pegler

Sechselaeuten Zurich 2013 © Geoff Pegler         Sechselaeuten Zurich 2013 © Geoff Pegler

Photos © Geoff Pegler

Apparently part of the tradition is for women to hand flowers to and to kiss the members of the Zunfte whom they recognise as they march by, and there was certainly lots of flower-giving and kissing going on!

Sechselaeuten 2013 © NewinZurich

The final highlight of the day was the Burning of the Böögg at 6pm at Sechselaeutenplatz near Bellevue, just in front of the Opera House. According to legend the faster it burns the better the Summer will be and the longer it takes to burn the worse the Summer will be. Let’s hope this year’s prediction is not going to come true – as this year the Boogg was very slow burning indeed – beating a previous record from 2001.  Last year it took just over 12 minutes, but this year it took an extremely slow 35 minutes and 11 seconds!!!

Burning of the Boog Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurich

If you missed seeing it burn here is a short video showing the highlights:


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