Top Ten Tallest Buildings in Switzerland

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Roche Tower Basel Switzerland


The Roche Tower in Basel. Photo courtesy of Roche

Top Ten Tallest Buildings in Switzerland

After our post about the tallest building in Western Europe, the Shard in London, before it was overtaken by the Lakota centre in Russia, we compared it to the tallest building in Switzerland which was until September 2015, Prime Tower in Zurich. In fact the tallest building in Switzerland is now Building 1, the Roche Tower in Basel which stands 178m tall. But did you know which other buildings lead on height in Switzerland?  Below you can find the top 10.

Prime Tower Zurich ©newinzurich

Prime Tower in Zurich – the Tallest Building in Zurich

The Tallest Buildings in Switzerland are:

  1.  Building 1, the Roche Tower in Basel at 178m tall, followed by:
  2.   Prime Tower, Zurich – 126 metres
  3.   Exhibition Tower, Basel – 105 metres
  4.   Sulzer high-rise, Winterthur – 100 metres
  5.   Hardau 1, Zurich – 95 metres
  6.   Cité du Lignon, Geneva – 91 metres
  7.   Swisscom Tower, Winterthur – 90 metres
  8.   Swisscom Tower, Ostermundigen, near Bern – 80 metres
  9.    Novartis Sandoz building, Basel – 77 metres
  10.    Espacité, La Chaux-de-Fonds – 60 metres

This is the view from Prime Tower in Zurich:

View from Prime Tower Zurich

The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 828metres high.

The tallest building in Europe (below) used to be the Shard London Bridge at 310metres by Renzo Piano, but it is now the Lakhta Center in St Petersburg Russia at 462 metres high.

The Shard in London ©

The Shard in London

If you’re interested in architecture you may like to know that a new building built in Lausanne in 2017 was designed in the style of the “hanging gardens of Babylon” and is known as the Tour des Cèdres. Read more about the Tour des Cèdres here.


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