Day(s) of the Open Wine Cellars in German Speaking Switzerland continued … wine tasting on 4th and 5th May too!

Day of the Open Cellars near Zurich

This May Day Bank Holiday on 1st May was a special day in the calendar of the Vineyards in German speaking Switzerland. Not only did many of the vineyards and cellars open their doors to the public to offer a day of wine tasting, but there was also a feast of traditional Swiss foods on offer too. From raclette and potatoes and pickles to grilled bratwurst and steaks, some of the vineyards even had coffees, teas and cake to choose from. Each vineyard had a different offering which meant a wide variety of choice for food as well as wine if you were visiting a few.

Swiss Bratwurst

Each vineyard was offering up their own speciality wines for you to sample and taste.

Day of the Open Cellars near Zurich

And some of the cellars were on farmyards with lots of farm animals on show, like this one at Bauernhof Kappelweid where the cattle were taking a keen interest too!

Open Wine Day in German speaking Switzerland

And here are some of the tempting cakes on offer…..

day of the open wine cellars

However, if you’re disappointed that you missed the Wine Day on the 1st May, the good news is that all is not lost, as many of the vineyards are open on 4th and 5th too.

So check this website to see which of the vineyards open on 4th and 5th May – the open dates are indicted next to the cellar name by a little calendar marked 4 or 5 if they are open on those days.

So have fun and enjoy some great wine-tasting this weekend!



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