Running in Zurich – The Sola Run Zurich

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Sola run zurich

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The Sola Run Zurich

4th May 2019

The SOLA-Stafette run is the largest university sporting event in Switzerland and this year it will take  place on 4th May 2019.

Each 14-man running team covers a total distance of 114.19 km and a vertical climb equivalent to 2645 m, all within the Greater Zurich area. There are 14 sections in total which are between 3.71 – 13.92 km long, of which two routes are compulsory for female participants.Running in Zurich - The Sola Run Zurich

Photo © R.Dale
This incredible feat of organisation involves hundreds of team, each of 14 people,  running a relay on the ridge behind Zurich between Felsenegg & Pfannensteil and back. It passes through Uetliberg, Buchlern, Fluntern, Zumikon, Forch & Egg … and all the places on the way, with runners passing on an electronic baton at designated spots. As with all Swiss races, runners check in bags at the beginning and reliably collect them at the end of their stage.


The idea came from Sweden, where the original Sola race was run between Gothenburg and Karlstad. It was a 252 km race, run by 15 men & 10 women.


If you’re interested in taking part, please click here for the website for more information.


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