Solar Impulse – Swiss Solar Aeroplane flying Across the USA

***Solar Impulse Coast to Coast Flight Across America Update 7th July***

Solar Impulse flight

Solar Impulse did it!  It successfully completed its epic and historic flight across America and at the same time went into the record books for this amazing feat. Despite concerns that damage to the fabric of the left wing might cause problems, including the possibility of a bail-out over the Atlantic, in the end all went well.

The pilot for this last leg of the journey was Andre Borscberg, co-founder and CEO, and Solar Impulse took off on July 6th at 04.46 AM and EDT and arrived in New York at 11.09 PM EDT, making the whole flight 18hours and 23minutes long.  The average speed was 27 km/h and the highest altitude attained was 3,110m. The total distance was 495km.

The journey across the United States added up to a total of 105h 41min and 3511 miles. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg flew Solar Impulse in turns to Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Washington D.C. before the final landing point in New York. What an amazing achievement!


Solar Impulse Trans America

***Upadate*** Fifth and Final Leg of Solar Impulse Flight Across America

The Swiss solar-powered airplane is set to fly to New York for the fifth and last leg of its flight “Across America” this Saturday 6th July. The driving forces behind the project, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will complete this epic journey which started on May 3rd in San Francisco, having taken turns in the  cockpit with stops along the route in Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis and Cincinnati.

Solar Impulse Trans America

André Borschberg will be piloting the plane for the last leg of the journey with Solar Impulse taking off from Washington Dulles International Airport at around 5 a.m. EDT on Satruday, due to land at  New York John F. Kennedy International Airport at 2 a.m. EDT on Sunday, July 7th. This Coast-to-Coast “Across America” journey is a historic and inspirational achievement for an eco plane airplane which has been flying day and night without fuel, powered just by solar energy.

Solar Impulse solare plane by Golden Gate Bridge in USA © Solar Impulse J. Revillard

 Solar Impulse solar plane over Golden Gate Bridge in USA © Solar Impulse J. Revillard

Solar Impulse was launched in 2003 and is an innovative project harnessing solar power to propel a very special aeroplane. In 2010 it went into the history books for completing the world’s first solar 26-hour day and night flight and in 2011 it flew to Brussels and Paris.

in 2012, the prototype completed the first intercontinental flight connecting Europe to Africa and in 2013 more records will be broken as Solar Impulse aims to fly coast-to-coast across the United States from West to East with the support of its partners.

Ultimately the aim is for Solar Impulse to fly around the world in 2015 with the second generation aircraft called HB-SIB which is currently under construction.

The first leg of the 2013 “Across America” mission was flown successfully by Bertrand Piccard and during the second leg connecting Washington D.C. to New York, Solar Impulse was flown by André Borschberg on May 21st.

The route across the States goes from San Francisco in California to Phoenix in Arizona, then from Dallas in Texas to St. Louis in Missouri when it will end in Washington D.C. and New York. The mission has also officially launched the global “Clean Generation” initiative aiming for more investment in technological innovation for a cleaner future.

Below is a photo of Solar Impulse taking off from Moffett to Phoenix.

Solar Impulse Moffett to Phoenix take off By Viktoria Dijakovic

Photo © Solar Impulse by Viktoria Dijakovic

Solar Impulse landed successfully on 22nd May in Dallas breaking the distance record for a solar-powered flight on this part of its flight across America Here is a short video:

To keep up to date with the journey and for more information about Solar Impulse please read here.

Video and photo credits: Solar Impulse


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