Top Ten Career Tips for Succeeding in Business in Switzerland as a Woman by Angie Weinberger

From “Hausfrau” to “Geschäftsfrau” – top ten tips

Angie Wineberger Global People Transitions

Today’s post was written by Angie Weinberger executive coach and mobility expert at Global People Transitions and in it Angie describes her top ten tips for women wanting to start their own business in Switzerland. Angie says that many expat spouses she meets in Switzerland are often not sure how to get started with finding work but Angie is passionate about helping encourage women to start their own business and she shares her top ten career tips here for moving from “Hausfrau” to “Geschäftsfrau”.

Angie speaks from personal experience as she is now one year in to starting her business as a full-time consultant, coach and trainer, having begun it earlier as a part-time business. In fact this month she is celebrating the third anniversary of her business.

Top Ten Career Tips for Women:

1)   Get the basics right. Too many business owners have never made a business plan. If you do not know the meaning of cash flow and break even your work is in danger of being more of a hobby than a business – so do invest the time to write a proper business plan.

2)   Prioritize your clients. Concentrate your time so that you use 80% of your time delivering an outstanding product or excellent service to your clients.

3)   Analyze your niche. Understand your competitors, their products or services and price structures.

4)   Market, market and market. Spend time and money on Marketing, it is especially worth paying to have a good website.

5)   Limit your financial risk. There are many options when you start a company but consider limiting your financial risk by opening a limited liability company. If it’s just handmade socks you’re selling, you might not need to do that but in general it is better to protect your personal assets.

6)   Build and maintain your network. In the beginning work with your personal contacts before you start traditional business development.

7)   Learn everything about running a business. Study all areas of a business from Accounting to Social Media Marketing. Then when you have done it once outsource the areas you have no passion or patience for.

8)   Find your friends. Build strategic partnerships with business owners you like and who support and motivate you. Seek help from friends and family in periods of overload. Be honest. Find like-minded peers and use each other as a support group.

9)   Plan what you give in exchange for favours. Consider offering “time exchanges” and internships if you cannot afford to hire someone. Respect other people’s time commitment and aim for balance between giving and taking. Tip: Giving usually comes before taking!

10) Enjoy your profession. Get a cleaner or other support for your household, childcare and shopping as your business grows because this will give you more freedom to focus on your profession.

What is your experience so far?

Angela Weinberger can be contacted at Global People Transitions.

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