Rob Stoeckel of Noon Woodwork – Carpentry and Design in Zurich

Rob Stoeckel of Noon Woodwork Zurich, Switzerland

Rob Stoeckel of Noon Woodwork – Carpentry and Design in Zurich

If you visited the Viva Uetikon local fair the other week you may well have come across an Australian craftsman by the name of Rob Stoeckel from Noon Woodwork. Not only does he create stunning masterpieces out of wood, but he also sources all the wood locally. NewInZurich were lucky enough to catch up with Rob and ask him some questions about this his carpentry designs and how he came to be in Zurich. This is what he told us.

NewInZurich: So Rob you’re Australian by birth but I understand you’ve been in Zurich for a number of years already. What brought you to Switzerland in the first place?

Rob Stoeckel: That is a long story, my wife is Swiss and I have always travelled a lot but until now I had never lived outside Australia so we decided to make the move and settle here. Long version: My (Swiss) wife to be was studying English for three months in Christchurch New Zealand and she was staying in the house next door to my sister. My sister, ever looking out for her brother said this is the girl you need to meet. On her way home to Switzerland she stayed with me for 48 hours and we both knew we would meet again. So we met in Thailand 3 months later and then departed for 6 weeks trekking in Nepal and Tibet as a first date. The rest is history…..

Wooden table by Rob Stoeckel of Noon Woodwork Zurich, Switzerland

NewInZurich: What type of furniture do you specialise in?

Rob Stoeckel: I work almost exclusively in solid wood, my speciality is in reclaimed wooden furniture, quite rustic but with clean modern lines. All my materials are locally sourced and supplied and I have wood aged up to 300 years old.  We had a family company making furniture in Australia 25 years ago so I have always had a passion for the business, one of the ranges we supplied in Australia was made with recycled floor boards. Upon arriving here I was amazed that so much magnificent old wood from demolitions was destined to be burnt, so I initially made some pieces for myself and worked from there. I also make and install outdoor furniture and terrace decks using FSC certified hardwood (FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, means that the forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner).

Wooden table by Rob Stoeckel of Noon Woodwork Zurich, Switzerland

 NewIn Zurich: What are the latest projects that you are working on?

Rob Stoeckel: The latest project I am working on is a makeover on a Terrace deck on the roof of an old 5 story appartment house in Seefeld. The building had major renovation work completed 10 years ago however the terrace remained untouched. I am now making this tired unloved roof top in to a city terrace haven. Together with the new residents, I have redesigned the area with a new terrace deck and lighting, highlighting the existing features. I have installed an outdoor kitchen, private lounge area with water feature and a herb and vegetable garden. Good design with an air of practicality is my motto, so whilst I normally do not do gardens, there were too many great plants and pots to resist taking on the whole job.

Design by Rob Stoeckel of Noon Wo 

Design by Rob Stoeckel of Noon Wo

NewIn Zurich: What projects do you have coming up?

Rob Stoeckel: Where do I start? There are  a couple of major projects currently in the pipeline at Noon Woodwork, the first project that I am working on has really grabbed my attention. It is an allergy free children’s bed. A client had requested a bed for her young daughter who unfortunately suffers from bad allergies and skin reactions to chemicals. Working with the client, I have a produced a design that not only looks good but can be made and assembled without glue to avoid aggravating her allergies. I have also finished the bed using a “Natural finish” (this is often a loose term used in furniture making) what I mean by this term is I have sourced a range of oils and stain made from only plant extracts used to finish and seal the final piece.

Allergy free bed Design by Rob Stoeckel of Noon Wo

In addition to this project I have joined forces with interior design company the:meaZure to offer a range of decorative objects and custom built furniture pieces to the local market.After years spent on demolition sites I have found old unique fittings and fixtures that with some “TLC” can become the basis of a coat rack or a bookshelf. Working with architects in the area to reclaim and recycle the wood being discarded of in major renovation projects, we will be designing and creating restored pieces of furniture from pieces of the previous building and reselling them to the new owners.  Together Noon Woodwork and the:meaZure are now able restore, recycle, redesign and market these unique objects.

Rob Stoeckel Noon Woodwork

 NewIn Zurich: If our readers are looking for new furniture for their apartments, houses or gardens how can they contact you?

Rob Stoeckel: The best way to contact me is through through the website or by telephone 0788084 183.

Rob Stoeckel Noon Wood Designs


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