OpenAir Films on Lake Zurich at the OrangeCinema off to a great start

ge Openair cinema in ZurichThe weather here in Zurich has been amazing and great for enjoying the Orange open air cinema on the lake. Last night though in the midst of the performance of Night Train to Lisbon we were treated to a few drops of rain. However, in true show business style the show went on and it was at this stage that most of the audience turned a little orange as everyone put on their little orange rain-proof ponchos.

Orange Open air cinema in ZurichInstead of detracting from the evening you could even argue that the cracks of thunder and the light rain enhanced it and made it all the more theatrical and atmospheric. Located at Zurichhorn the OrangeCinema is a great setting for viewing films on a gigantic screen right on the lake. There’s even a competition you can enter every night and the winners get to sit in the VIP “orange” seats pictured at the top of the page. Simply register for the competition as soon as you enter the grounds at the Orange desk at the right hand side once you’ve gone through the barrier. Not only do you get to sit in the best seats in the house but you also get complimentary drinks too!

OrangeCinema Openair films on the lake in Zurich

As the screen was gently going up before the film began you could see boats in the distance and one brave swimmer swimming directly under the screen! It’s definitely a great evening out and if you haven’t yet been you really should do so.

OrangeCinema Openair films on the lake in ZurichAs well as a great line up of films there are also restaurants and bars on site so it’s a great idea to arrive early to soak up the atmosphere and  perhaps have a meal in one of the restaurants or catch up with friends over a glass or two before the film begins? The red Thai curry and the chicken with papaya salad can both be recommended!

ge Openair cinema in Zurich

So far we’ve had the opening film “The Sapphires” which is a great Australian film based on a true story about three Aboriginal sisters and their cousin singing their way out of Australia and into Vietnam during the Second World War. It was a moving story explaining the racial discrimination they faced on a daily basis but the film also had a romantic element and there was a good deal of humour and great music.

OrangeCinema Openair films on the lake in Zurich

Here is a trailer for “The Sapphires”:

Next up was”My Big Wedding” which was light hearted and  fun and then Los Amanes Pasajeros, on Sunday night a preview film, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and yesterday evening was the turn of Jeremy Irons in Nachtzug Nach Lissabon – another great movie which was moving and thought provoking at the same time.

Here is a trailer of Nachtzug Nach Lissabon:

This evening Side Effects is showing. Here is a short trailer:

If you haven’t already got tickets there are two options: 1) some of the tickets are held back each night for sale on the evening itself so either come along early and try and purchase there – or 2) you can try and purchase tickets at Bellevue Tickethaus where a limited number are on sale from 11am – 6pm every day.

OrangeCinema Openair films on the lake in Zurich

The fun continues until the last film in the run, Midnight Cowboy on 18th August which is also the 25th Anniversary night of OrangeCinema in Zurich.

OrangeCinema Openair films on the lake in Zurich

There are films showing every evening except for 1st August, the Swiss National Holiday.

ge Openair cinema in Zurich

If you want to download the full schedule of films as a handy 2 page guide along with the exact times that each of the films start and details on how to get to the cinema then please simply click here: *** Orange OpenAir Cinema Guide 2013 ***




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