Lindt Chocolate Workshops Zurich – Truffles & Pralines

Chocolate Courses in Zurich at the Lindt Factory - Truffles & Pralines

Lindt Chocolate Workshops Zurich – Truffles & Pralines


Did you know that they run chocolate courses all year round at the Lindt factory in Zurich? I was invited to participate in a chocolate workshop one sunny Summer’s day, so headed over to Kilchberg to investigate. Together with a group of other chocolate-lovers, I stepped out of the sunshine into the beautifully cool reception of the Lindt Chocolate Factory and prepared myself for two hours of chocolate fun.

Chocolate Courses in Zurich at the Lindt Factory - Truffles & Pralines

Chocolate Courses in Zurich at the Lindt Factory – Truffles & Pralines

A Variety of Chocolate Courses

The objective of our course was to learn how to make champagne truffles and decorate pralines. However, there are lots of different courses available throughout the year, from Easter bunny and egg decoration to Christmas, Mother’s Day and lot’s more chocolatey courses. In Switzerland there is always a chocolate theme for every Season and every event!

Chocolate courses in Zurich

Dressing the Part

After a warm welcome we were handed white tunics, aprons and a variety of chef’s hats to choose from, and instructed to wash our hands thoroughly. We then entered a huge classroom and were given a short presentation about the origins of chocolate. We learned all about Lindt’s role in the chocolate industry in Switzerland by Rolf who was our “chocolatier instructor” for the evening.

Whilst we listened we were proffered delicious Lindt pralines. A table was set aside with a variety of Lindt chocolates of all shapes and sizes and we could help ourselves to at any stage if we felt the urge!

Lindt Chocolate courses in Zurich

We were then allocated to tables in small groups where we set to work on creating our chocolate masterpieces.

Lindt Chocolate Course

Rolf and his colleagues went from table to table showing us how to fill our truffles professionally with the champagne cream filling and expertly showed us how to decorate pralines with a flair that obviously came with years of experience!

Chocolate courses in Zurich

Rolf was informative, helpful and funny as he demonstrated and explained the techniques.

Lindt Chocolate Course

We tried our best to be good pupils but our results didn’t always quite match up to Rolf’s beautifully crafted pieces!

Chocolate courses in Zurich

Chocolate Courses in English or German

The chocolate courses are run in both English and German and I had chosen to do a course in German thinking it would be good language practice but it turned out that several people on my table had either lived in an English speaking country for a large part of their lives or spoke fluent English – so I did get some German practice but perhaps not as much as I had intended!

Chocolate courses in Zurich

However, we had such fun comparing our chocolate decorating skills and trying to work out if our fellow chocolatiers were making a mouse or a bunny out of their pralines … sometimes it was difficult to tell!

Chocolate courses in Zurich

Once the chocolates were finished we were then handed very professional Lindt gift boxes and we took all our goodies home with us! It was a great evening and everyone left the course with a happy smile!


The chocolate courses take place at:

Lindt & Sprügli Headquarters

Where: Seestrasse 204, 8802 Kilchberg

Tel: 044 716 22 33

For information on Lindt Chocolate Courses please go to this page.

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See the Lindt Factory on Google Maps here:

Google Maps of Lindt Factory Kilchberg Zurich


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  1. emi says:

    love it! checking this out now!!! 🙂


  2. Buddhism Amarasinghe says:

    I am a Sri Lankan who is going to set up a chocolate company in Sri Lanka.then I haven’t got a good knowledge about chocolate I want to study how to make chocolate from the first step.
    Please be kind enough to send me the details of a suitable course for me.

    • newinzurich says:

      HI I’m afraid I don’t know where you could do a chocolate making course off hand. However, I would suggest you google to find one close to where you live or are staying. Maybe contact one of the the larger chocolate companies to see if they can suggest anything. Good luck! 🙂

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