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Always on the look out for interesting companies and products, this month met up with one half of design firm the:meaZure’s Georgina Holmes, as she took time away from finding all things stylish to tell us a little about starting a design business in Switzerland.

Company: the:meaZure

Field:  Interior Design & Design Representation

Owners – Laili Gonzalez (Geneva) Georgina Holmes (Zurich)

NIZ: Where did the inspiration to set up ‘the:meaZure’ come from??

Georgina – After working for design firms in the US, UK and in Switzerland, it wasn’t enough for Laili and I to work in the design industry. We wanted to start something of our own that drew from our love of and addiction to all things design. We complained for the longest time about not being able to access the design products and services that we were both used to coming from the States and the UK, whether it was because we couldn’t find them or couldn’t afford them, so we decided to make them available!

This is how the:meaZure was born and is exactly what it represents – design is everywhere you look and in everything you see, and now, you can access the design you want through the:meaZure.

NIZ: Why did you decide to call the company ‘the:meaZure’?

Georgina – We tried out a few names, even bought a couple of different domains and then tested the names out with a great focus group. The feedback was brilliant and once the meaZure was out there, there was no going back!!

The name is so significant to what we do. In every design process, after the inspiration comes… measurement! Virtually everything we do in design, everything we create, involves a measurement. From developing a concept, to transforming a blank space, to crafting the furniture that fills it, measurement is key!

The name of the brand not only represents where design begins, but how calculated we are about making the right choices for our clients, so that not even the smallest measure is overlooked.

NIZ: What services do you provide?

Georgina – We offer commercial and residential design consultations to clients to assist them in the realization of their interior or exterior space. The services can expand from Illumination Design & furniture selection to full project management and final decoration such as Art procurement.

Although our passion lies in interior design, being the product freaks that we both are, we also explore the world of products, ideas, and expressions – basically anything that inspires. We represent a range of designers from bespoke handbags & custom dress design to a range of stunning furniture only available in Switzerland through the:meaZure.

NIZ: What is the best lesson you have learnt when setting up your business in Switzerland?

Georgina – The best thing I ever did was put myself out there and networked until the cows came down (ha even cracking Swiss jokes, I’m almost a local).

I have met some fantastic people through networking groups in Zurich, people that I can now call great friends and others that have given us the ideas and inspiration to develop the business. There is so much more we see the:meaZure offering to our clients, we can’t wait to share them with you.

NIZ: You recently held a design evening ‘Wine & Design’ how did that go?


Georgina – The evening was a great success, the purpose was not only to thank those that have supported the:meaZure so far this year but to introduce a handful of the talented designers that are represented by the:meaZure to the Zurich market.

The owner and designer of the brand ‘Ben’s Sister’ bespoke handbags attended from the UK, showcasing this coming Autumn and Winter collection. Dragonfly Zurich owner Georgina presented her collection of classic understated jewelry, a relatively new company but already a huge success with the HIP crowd!

Anne Lenzin’s photography was displayed and admired and we showcased a range of furniture from Rob Stoekel at Noon Woodwork!

These local and international designers/artists are inspirational & fabulous and if you didn’t know about them already – just wait… you will do soon. Check them out through

For further information regarding the:meaZure, their interior design services or design products please contact

the:meaZure interior design



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