Photos of This Weekend in Zurich – Züspa, ZFF, Pink Ribbon …

There was a lot of action on in Zurich this weekend. Züspa finished at the Messe in Oerlikon on Sunday after 10 days of business with everything from interiors, craft, sports equipment, food tasting, wine tasting and even live animals on show:

 cattle at Zuspa

goat at Zuspa

Then there was the Zurich Oktoberfest which continues until 12th October with lots of beer and lots of fun.

Zurich Oktoberfest 2013

The Zurich Film Festival was off to a great start with Marc Forster and Hugh Jackman amongst others as well as a great selection of films on offer. More information on Zurich Film Festival here.

Marc Forster at Zurich Film Festival

Photo credit: ZFF

Hugh Jackman, actor, Zurich Film Festival

The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Charity Event lifted the cloudy Sunday afternoon skies with a dash of pink:

Pink Ribbon Run in Zurich 2013

Pink Ribbon Run in Zurich 2013

Pink Ribbon Run in Zurich 2013

Pink Ribbon Run in Zurich 2013

Some more ideas for what’s on here. Whatever you do have a great week!


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