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Zurich Film Festival 2013

Zurich really is a great city to live in if you’re into films. Not only did we have the OrangeCinema OpenAir during the Summer but now as we head into Autumn the Zurich Film Festival season has just started. The festival opened in Zurich yesterday with a screening of RUSH by Ron Howard. The film’s producer Brian Oliver, screenwriter Peter Morgan and Daniel Brühl, the lead actor, were all present.

The Zurich Film Festival has a total of 122 films on offer from 27 countries, including 22 debut films and 16 world premieres – so you really have a great choice of films in a variety of genres ahead of you!

Zurich Film Festival 2013

You can now buy tickets for the festival at:

  • zff.com
  • starticket.ch and all Starticket points of sale
  • The ticket booth at Paradeplatz every day from 12 noon till 7pm
  • The Corso Cinema from 12noon until the last film starts
  • The ticket booths in Sihlcity  from 11am until the last film starts
  • At the ZFF Festival Centre at Sechseläutenplatz near Bellevue from 11am to 9.30pm
  • The Arthouse Le Paris Cinema from 1pm till the start of the last film
  • At the Filmpodium from 12.30 until the start of the last film

In addition any returned tickets for sold-out screenings are available for purchase 15 minutes before the respective film starts.

Here are a few trailers. This one is for Rush:

Here is a trailer for the film Diana:

The trailer for La Bataille de Solferino:

And a trailer for Senna:

For more information on the Zurich Film Festival please read our previous post and go here for the ZFF website and to buy tickets.

8th Zurich Film Festival © NewInZurich

For those of you who didn’t manage to go to the OrangeCinema this year here is a video showing highlights of the whole Swiss season (with great music by Mannequine – “Let Me Know”) :

Enjoy the Zurich film festival and hopefully you will get to watch some great movies!

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