Highlights of the Zurich Film Festival 2013

Highlights of the Zurich Film Festival 2013

Photo credit: ZFF

If you didn’t manage to make it to any of the screenings or the green carpets at the Zurich Film Festival this year, you might like to take a quick peek at some of the photos we’ve put together to give you a flavour of the event.

Highlights of the Zurich Film Festival 2013

Zurich Film Festival Awards Night. Photo Credit: ZFF

One of our favourite films was actually a Swiss film called Neuland. Filmed as a documentary it tells the story of a teacher called Herr Zingg who works in Basel teaching refugees from places such as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iran. The teenagers all have some element of personal tragedy or hardship that they have had to overcome and Herr Zingg through his calm, caring attitude helps his students to get over their past and look to a new future in Switzerland. Directed by Anna Thommen and staring Herr Zingg himself, all the actors are in fact telling their own stories, filmed as it was in the classroom over a period of two years. The film is in German with German subtitles (so ideal practice if you are trying to learn German!)

Here is a photo of Christian Zingg the teacher at the Opera House just after the film awards were presented:

Christian Zingg, Zurich Film Festival Film Neuland

And here is the director Anna Thommen:

Anna Thommen, Zurich Film Festival Film Neuland

The film won the Zurich Film Festival Golden Eye Award in the German-Language Documentary Film category. Photo Credit: NewInZurich.com

To see the trailer for this film see here:

To see the other Award winning films please see the details in our previous post.

Three other films NewInZurich and friends enjoyed include:

RUSH about Formula 1 racing drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt, which opened the festival:

Rent a Family Inc. a film about a Japanese man who runs a company providing fake friends and fake family members

Jag Etter Vind (Chasing the Wind) a Norwegian film:

And here are some more photos of the evening:

Sandra Bauknecht at Zurich Film Festival Awards 2013

Sandra Bauknecht. Photo: NewInZurich.com

Veronica Ferres at Zurich Film Festival 2013

Actress and German language jury president Veronica Ferres. Photo: NewInZurich.com
Markus Imhoof at Zurich Film Festival
Swiss film producer Markus Imhoof and Swiss filmmaker Sabine Gisiger and director Tizza Covi. Photo: NewInZurich.com

And we’ll leave you with a short youtube interview clip by Rollo Rosso filmed outside the Corso at the beginning of the week with Hugh Jackman.

Hope you enjoyed the 2013 Zurich Film Festival and here’s to the 10th Anniversary edition next year!

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