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Vidiskochtuete Zurich, home delivery food service

We’re always on the look out for new services in Zurich and one that caught our eye recently is a new business in Zurich, founded by Marko Vidmar, which delivers fresh seasonal ingredients to your door in a bag so that you can cook them and create a fabulous meal without going to the shops, recipe planning and all the work that entails. It’s called Vidiskochtüte – or in English, Vidi’s Coooking Bag.

Some of our friends who have tried this service are bowled over by the concept – so we thought we would share it with you too. We caught up with Marko recently to find out more…

NewInZurich: Marko the service you’re offering is very much “new in Zurich” can you tell us a little bit about how it works?

Marko: My wife Isabella and I are both keen cooks and we decided to turn our hobby into a small business. This is how it works: every week we offer 3 different recipes, which we have previously tried out at home. On Monday we buy all the ingredients fresh from our regional suppliers and deliver everything to our customers in a paper bag at their home the same evening between 6pm and 10 pm. Everything is prepared to the correct portion size to avoid unnecessary wastage and you just need some basic ingredients such as milk, butter, salt & pepper and olive oil etc. All you have to do is cook the ingredients according to the recipes. Everything is prepared so it makes it easy to follow, saving you time and energy.

Vidiskochtuete Zurich, home delivery food service

NiZ: So what inspired you to start a cooking service like this?

Marko: I enjoy eating a wide variety of food and I always want it to be fresh and healthy. However, with work commitments, catching up with friends etc, we often found we didn’t have enough time to plan recipes and do grocery shopping. So quite often we would end up cooking the same thing or eating out. I then heard about this Swedish concept, and really liked the idea: support regional suppliers, save time, eat healthier, cook with fresh ingredients and avoid food wastage.  I always wanted to have my own business, so that’s why we started building up our business in December 2012. Five months later we went live via our website and had the first deliveries in May 2013.

NiZ: Why did you choose the name Vidis Kochtüte?

Marko: We prepare everything ourselves so we thought we’d use my nickname “Vidi” and then add Kochtüte which means “cooking bag” so that people realise what it’s all about – freshly prepared ingredients all in one bag. Our graphic designers did a great job creating a logo which is a reversed chef’s hat filled with vegetables.

NiZ: What type of ingredients do you use and where do you source them from?

Marko: Wherever possible we use organic (BIO) ingredients and seasonal vegetables, 100% swiss meat and fresh fish and seafood from sustainable sources.

NiZ: Do you cater for vegetarians?

Marko:  At the moment we are too small to expand to vegetarian recipes but we are keen to develop a “Veggie Bag” as soon as we can. Keep tuned for more information! Update: – there is now a vegetarian bag too and the vegetarian menus will be advertised from 10th February 2014!

NiZ: What has been the most popular dish on the menu so far?

Marko: That’s a difficult question, because our customers seem to like everything we have prepared so far! We test cook all the dishes in our own home, aiming to choose dishes that appeal to both adults and children. “Vidis Spicy Sausage Pan” was probably one of our most poplar dishes – it’s one of my mum’s recipes with sausages, chickpeas, paprika, tomatoes, creme fraiche and a special spice mix. It’s very easy to cook and only needs one pan.

NiZ: What area in Switzerland do you cover?

Marko: We cover Zurich city, almost every town around the city, on both sides of the lake. We have also just started delivering to Zug.  Just e-mail us if we don’t cover your area and we will check to see if we can deliver.

NiZ: In the UK and the US we are very used to food companies delivering meals and food directly to our doorstep but this is quite a new concept in Switzerland – how has it been going?

Marko: Everything is going fine so far, but we have noticed that Americans and Brits are much more at home with this concept and that it’s something new for Swiss people. We are a young company so we are constantly adapting to our markets but we are thrilled when people understand how it works and are keen to try it out.

NiZ: for someone who’s thinking of trying it out what can you suggest?

Marko: Visit our website, check out the recipes and why not give it a go?

Vidiskochtuete Zurich, home delivery food service

So if you fancy trying something different for dinner without leaving the comfort of your own home, why not visit the Vidiskochtute website ?

Update!!! Good news for vegetarians! Vidi’s Kochtüte now offers a vegetarian bag too – vegetarian menus will be available for order from 10th February!

This article was supported by and written in collaboration with Vidi’s Kochtüte.



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