Blickfang Zurich 2013 – Photos of the Event at Kongresshaus

Blickfang Zurich 2013
Blickfang Zurich 2013

Blickfang Zurich took place over three days from Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th November. The exhibitors were packed over 3 floors and due to the inclement weather at the weekend the rooms at the Kongresshaus were packed. The great thing about Blickfang is how it brings together consumers with the actual creators of the product – this way you learn far more about the ideas and concepts behind the design and get to know the “history” of the product you are interested in. Blickfang has taken place every year for the past twenty years in Zurich, Stuttgart, Basel, Hamburg and Vienna and this year it was in Hamburg and Copenhagen for the first time.

Blickfang Zurich 2013

From fashion to furniture, to toys and leather goods, to jewellery and gadgets and everything in-between, there was lots to see and try – and at this time of year it’s a great place for gift ideas and inspiration.

Blickfang Zurich 2013

If you missed Blickfang Zurich 2013 but are interested in interiors and furniture, stay tuned as we will be covering another interiors event, “Raüme 13” in a few days.


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Have a great week in Zurich!


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