Chocolate in Zurich – Best Swiss Chocolate for Christmas

Chocolate in Zurich – Best Swiss Chocolate for Christmas

There is always a “chocolate opportunity” or so it seems in Zurich – but at Christmas-time the Swiss really do go overboard! From hand-painted Santas to Christmas trees made of chocolate and nuts, to selection boxes and truffles and pralines galore … there is something to make every chocoholic’s Christmas dreams come true!

If you’re shopping for chocolate in Zurich you’re bound to find a really special Christmas present. Here are some ideas from the chocolate shops in the city:

Truffe Chocolate in Zurich

There are beautiful Italian hand-painted Father Christmases to be had at Truffe in Schlüsselgasse. Painted in blue, pink and green they will certainly stand out from the normal Santa offering!

Honold Chocolate Zurich

Honold have a great selection of hand made pralines and truffles but their chocolate and nut Christmas trees caught our eyes – as well as their special Christmas truffles with rich, spicy flavours – and oh quite a few have lots of alcohol too! This year they also had the most amazing chocolate Advent calendars but they’ve also got a great selection of chocolate Santas too.

Swiss Chocolate Angels

Over at Teuscher they have red and gold Christmas decorations and Christmas chocolates galore – Father Christmases and not so innocent angels – both smuggling truffles and pralines under their brightly coloured costumes!

Aeschbach Chocolate Switzerland

Aeshbach have a range of pottery Santas and Snowmen all filled to the brim with chocolate and gigantic Father Christmas figurines in the window, resplendent in red. They also have more traditional Santas like the ones above in an assortment of sizes.

Stiftung St Jakob Schokolade

St Jakobs Im Viadukt have some beautiful Christmas boxes in a variety of sizes filled with Christmas pralines and truffles and we spotted these tiny Santas above which would make great stocking fillers.

Läderach Chocolate Zurich

Läderach have some great chocolate and nut “Christmas trees” as part of their extensive chocolate collection.

Vollenweider Chocolate Switzerland

Vollenweider have lots of Christmas figurines and truffles in festive boxes of all shapes size to suit everyone’s requirements.

Sprungli Chocolates

Not to be outdone, Sprunglis have chocolate Santas in a range of sizes too and you can even have your personalised Christmas message added to some too.

Lindt Chocolate Switzerland

Over at Lindt the cute little golden Teddy Bears are back this Christmas. In addition to the chocolate ones have you spotted the giant inflatable Teddies hiding on buildings all over Zurich?

So enjoy shopping for chocolate in Zurich – the city really does have a great assortment of shops offering an amazing array of gift ideas. Have a great time discovering all these chocolatey delights – and have your best Swiss Chocolate Christmas ever!


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