Happy Dreikönigstag for 6th January in Switzerland!

Dreikönigstag – 6th January


Happy Dreikönigstag – Epiphany in Switzerland!

The 6th January is known in Switzerland as Dreikönigstag. It’s an opportunity to sample the Swiss delicacy called Dreikönigskuchen, or ”Three Kings Cake”. This special cake is a cross between a cake and bread – a little bit like Chelsea buns or hot cross buns (with the raisins, but without the spice). It’s made usually made up of 7 to 11 small balls of dough set together to form the shape of a crown.

When you buy it at the bakery it normally comes with a crown made of card and if you are the lucky person to find the small plastic white king in your piece of the cake you get to wear it and be “King or Queen for the Day”.


Traditionally that means you can “rule the household” for a day and be absolved of normal household duties! So tuck in and see if you’re a winner.

You can buy your Dreikönigskuchen from one of the many bakeries in Zurich but if you want to bake your own here is a recipe (in German) for Dreikönigskuchen from Betti Bossi and a version made with jam from Jack McNulty in English hereHappy Dreikönigstag!

The 6th January is also the day to take down your tree and any Christmas decorations. Often you can leave your tree out in the street for collection and recycling so do check your recycling calendar for all the information.


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