Interesting Facts about Switzerland – Swisscellany – a Quiz

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Interesting Facts about Switzerland – Swisscellany – a Quiz

Swisscellany Diccon Bewes

Diccon Bewes book “Swisscellany” is full of interesting facts about Switzerland. So the next time you have friends round why not see how much they know about Switzerland. In fact, you could even run a little Swiss quiz!

Here are some questions to get you started (the answers are at the bottom of the page):

1. Name one of the 2 most photographed places in Switzerland.

2. Which attraction in Zurich had the most paid entries in 2011?

3. Which Swiss waterfall is in fact the largest waterfall in Europe?

4. Which train station is the highest in Europe at 3454 metres above sea level?

5. In what year did the above mentioned railway station open?

6. Which Canton was the 11th Canton to join the Helvetic Confederation and has 11 museums, 11 fountains, 11 churches and a clock with only 11 numbers (the 12th is missing)? Extra clue: it was also the home of the French Embassy in Switzerland between 1530 and 1792.

7. There are over 1,450 glaciers in Switzerland including the longest in Europe. What is its name?

8.  James Bond’s mother was Swiss – what was her name?

9. Within Switzerland there are 2 tiny foreign enclaves, or communities cut off from their own countries, one German, one Italian. Can you name one?

10. Name the Swiss National dog.

11. Ricola herbal drops were invented in 1940 by Emil Richterich and all the herbs are grown in Switzerland. How many herbs do they contain?

12. The Rhine is Switzerland’s longest river running for 375km. Which 3 countries does it border?

We hope you enjoyed this little quiz and to find out more interesting facts about Switzerland you can buy Swisscellany at your local book store or via Amazon.

Our thanks to Diccon for giving us permission to quote from Swisscellany and if you’re interested in learning more about Diccon’s latest book please read here.  You can also enter the contest to win one of two copies of “Slow Train to Switzerland” which will be drawn by Diccon on 31st January.


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1. The Matterhorn or Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge. 2. Zurich Zoo (1.8m visitors in 2011) 3. The Rhine Falls 4. The Jungfraujoch  5. 1912 6. Solothurn 7. Grosser Aletsch 8. Monique Delacroix 9. Büssingen am Hochrhein near Schaffhausen and Campione d’Italia near Ticino 10. St Bernard 11. Thirteen. 12. Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany


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