The Art of Zhen-Shan-Ren Free Exhibition in Zurich

The Art of Zhen-Shan-Ren Free Exhibition in Zurich

The Art of Zhen-Shan-Ren

There is an exhibition of contemporary Chinese oil paintings taking place in Zurich until 23rd March. Entitled The Art of Zhen-Shan-Ren, nearly all the artists are Chinese and they all practice “Falun Dafa” which is  a traditional form of Chinese meditation. The words Zhen – Shan – Ren stand for truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. The exhibition has already been on tour in over 40 countries and it is now Zurich’s turn and it will be on display in the city until 23rd March 2014.

The paintings feature the four themes of harmony, oppression, courage and justice and they also highlight various aspects of the human rights in China. The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 2pm – 7pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 5pm. It is located in Dufourstrasse 90, 8008 Zürich and best of all it is free!

For more information please go to the website (in German).

Photo credit: Zhen-Shan-Ren Exhibition


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