Cross Country Skiing in Switzerland – Studen

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Cross country skiing in Studen Switzerland


Cross Country Skiing in Switzerland – Studen

Cross country skiing in Studen Switzerland

Looking for a fun day out in the snow but don’t fancy skiing? Why not try cross country skiing, Nordic Skiing or “Langlaufen” as they call it here in Switzerland? If you haven’t been tempted before, you might be in for a pleasant surprise!

On Your Own Or In a Group

It’s a fun Winter sport that is also quite challenging and it’s a great activity to do either on your own or in a group! All over Switzerland there are plenty of places you can try it out and although it is quite straight forward,  you can get lessons if you wish too. It’s just about an hour or so by car to get to the Langlauf centre in Studen from Zurich and it’s a fantastic (and fairly exhausting!) way to get fit and have fun!

Langlaufen in Switzerland

Langlaufen Equipment

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the equipment as it’s easy to rent at the resort and there’s no struggling to get rigid ski boots to fit, as the Langlaufen boots are soft and comfortable. The skis are long and narrower than normal skis and you just need to tell them whether you’re going to be doing “Classic” Langlaufen or “Skating”. The “Classic” is probably the type most beginners start with, where you ski along in designated tracks around a circuit using a ski which is slightly different to the “skater” types.

Cross country skiing in Studen Switzerland

Cheaper than Normal Skiing

Studen, is located in the beautiful Swiss countryside not far from Einsiedeln and it’s a beautiful journey past the Sihlsee to get there. The staff at the rental shop in Studen were friendly and helpful and we were kitted out quickly and efficiently. Cross country ski passes are a lot cheaper than normal ski passes (it all takes place on the flat and there are no lifts to maintain) and we paid just CHF 10 for our ski pass and around CHF 30 to rent the classic skis and boots. The “skater” skis and boots are just slightly more.

Cross country skiing in Studen Switzerland

Langlaufen Burns Calories

After a couple of hours, the beginners amongst us had made great progress and we all felt happy and exhausted. Not to mention that Langlaufen is supposed to be a great way to get fit and is apparently one of the sports that burns the most calories per hour – certainly a plus!

Cross country skiing in Studen Switzerland

Wear Layers – You Get Hot!

It’s a good idea to wear layers as you do get very warm cross country skiing and you may want to take a light backpack so that you’ve got water with you too. However, just above the rental centre there is a restaurant and cafe where you can relax and enjoy a meal or just a drink after your exertions in the fresh air.

Cross country skiing in Switzerland

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Why not give it a go? Have fun and enjoy!


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