John Shepherd of Diamond Cleaning – Cleaning your Home Swiss Style

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John Shepherd of Diamond Cleaning – Cleaning your Home Swiss Style

John Shepherd of Diamond Cleaning

It’s getting towards that time of year that many expats find their contracts coming to an end. For some it’s a move back home and for others it’s on to the next assignment. Some companies give lots of notice and others decide at the last minute. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, or if indeed you’re moving on to a new property, one of the things you will need to be sure of, is that your house or apartment is “Swiss Clean” on handover.

So what does “Swiss Clean” mean? Well it certainly means a very thorough deep clean which will be inspected by your landlord or lady, and anything that does not pass muster will be documented and need addressing or there may be financial implications.

This is where you need to get the professionals in! People like John Shepherd of Diamond Cleaning specialise in cleaning your home to the “Swiss Clean” standards, and will guarantee their work to meet these exacting requirements. They will also agree to be present at the final handover so that any oversights can be rectified on the spot.

NewInZurich caught up with John Shepherd recently to ask him about the inspiration behind Diamond Cleaning and to tell us a little about what he does.

NiZ: John, how long have you bee operating for in Zurich and what made you start the “end of contract” cleaning business?

Diamond Cleaning: Diamond cleaning has been operating for nearly 4 years now and the idea began after my wife took a permanent position here in Zurich. I then also had to find employment and I came up with the idea of Diamond Cleaning. For the previous 25 years I had been working with property in the UK. I ran a property renovation business and was accustomed to dealing personally with clients. I had plenty of experience in knowing how properties should be presented and felt this idea drew on my expertise.

NiZ: Where did the name come from?

Diamond Cleaning: The name “Diamond Cleaning” comes from the clean-cut fresh finish of a diamond, so hence the name and the logo.

NiZ: Are you clients in Zurich mainly English-speaking?

Diamond Cleaning: I work with many UK and US expats – but in fact I have clients speaking languages from all over the globe, from Argentina to Finland and beyond. I also have a growing Swiss client base as they tend to find my prices more competitive than “traditional” Swiss cleaning firms.

NiZ: We all know that moving is stressful, but what would you say are your top tips for planning a move?

Diamond Cleaning: My best tip for anyone planning a move is to get organised! Give yourself plenty of breathing space, arrange the cleaning and removals around 6 weeks before your departure date. Always get a fixed written quotation with an inclusive price so there can be no increase. It is surprising how many people have told me that firms they had previously used had added on extras after the job was completed – only because they had not insisted on an inclusive fixed price in the first place. Always make sure you can communicate and are comfortable with the person you choose to use. If they seem a little strange or vague in conversation, it’s probably because they are!

NiZ: Diamond Cleaning is well known in the expat community in Zurich for providing a thorough and well priced service for the end of contract clean, in fact many of your clients are repeat bookings and others come to you via personal recommendation. However, are there other services you offer in addition to end of tenancy cleaning?

Diamond Cleaning: Yes, I also offer additional services such as “interim deep cleans” for example after Christmas and Spring Cleaning. I also offer carpet & upholstery cleaning, jet washing and decorating – for example I re-paint a lot of children’s rooms. I work within a one hour radius of Zurich.

John Shepherd Diamond Cleaning

John Shepherd of Diamond Cleaning is based in Zurich and he can be contacted via email at or tel: 077 471 90 40


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