10 Things to do in Zurich in the Spring

10 things to do in Zurich in Springtime

10 Things to do in Zurich in the Spring

With all the flowers and blossom Spring in Zurich really is a beautiful time of the year. If you want to go out and explore Zurich here are some ideas for 10 things to do in Zurich in the Spring – so throw off those sweaters and enjoy the city in Springtime!

Springtime in Zurich

  1. Check out the Spring flowers at the Botanical Gardens in Zollikerstrasse. 107 8008 Zürich. For more information see here and if the weather is bad visit the Botanical Greenhouses –  see here. 
  2. Check out the Spring Blossoms in Idaplatz and various other parks and locations around Zurich. See here for inspiration.
  3. Take a picnic down to China Gardens and relax in the sunshine watching the boats on the lake. Maybe make small chocolate egg hunt amongst the Spring flowers.
  4. Rent a Zuri- Rollt bike and take a trip through Zurich – don’t forget to take along your Ausweis and maybe your own helmet too. Just avoid the Easter weekend!For more information (in German) see here.
  5. Now the boats are running their new timetables why not take a trip on the lake and feel like a tourist again. A ride on one gives you a totally different perspective of the city. More information here.
  6. Meet friends for a coffee or hot chocolate in one of your favourite outdoor cafes and enjoy the rays. See the our Zurich Coffee Guide here. Also check out our top ice cream places in Zurich, our best burger venues and our top dessert places.
  7. If it’s raining visit the Kunsthaus. Why not check out one of the current exhibitions? More information here. 
  8. Cycle, skate or run around the Greifensee. Great exercise and beautiful views.
  9. Climb up the 187 steps to the top of the Grossmunster Tower and see over rooftops of Zurich towards the Alps.
  10. Visit the Viakdukt for some market fresh shopping and head off to Frau Gerold’s Garten for a light lunch More information here.
  11. Go for a hike near or far and explore some of the beauty of the mountains – get started here.
  12. Take a train from HB to visit the Cherry Blossom Trail Near Frick. See details here.

Chriesiwäg - The Cherry Blossom Trail Frick Switzerland


Winter Summer Tyres

Don’t forget, even until the end of April you can sometimes get a snowfall in and around Zurich – so although it may be sunny one day, there may be snow around the corner. For that reason it’s always a good idea to arrange to have your Winter tyres changed to the Summer ones at the beginning of May. Tip: do book early so that you get the date you want!

Whatever you do have fun and enjoy the Spring sunshine and flowers!

Spring flowers in Zurich


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