Artist Talk in English at the Photobastei in Zurich by Lorenzo Borghi

Artist Talk in English at the Photobastei in Zurich by Lorenzo Borghi 

Photos by Lorenzo Borghi

Photos by Lorenzo Borghi

If you’ve not yet visited Photobastei yet you may be interested in going along to one of the talks put on as part of this 8 month photographic fest. On Wednesday 2nd April at 6pm it’s the turn of photographer Lorenzo Borghi who will be speaking in English about his photographic insights on how plants view the world. By taking photographs which filter out every light except for infra-red, Lorenzo Borghi creates photos of the world which take on very different perspectives.

Lorenzo is a scientist at the University of Zurich and enjoys exploring alternative types of photography including pinhole camera and wavelength filters to see the world from different angles. The talk takes place at 6pm on the 6th floor of the Photobastei in Bärengasse 29, 8001 Zürich. The link can be seen here. 

Of the many interesting exhibitions at the Photobastei, one that looks worth checking out is “Fotoszene GR” – photos of Graubunden in Switzerland which features work from the following artists: Guido Baselgia,Bianca Brunner, Kurt Caviezel,  Hans Danuser, Gabriela Gerber und Lukas Bardill, Arno Hassler, Gian Paul Lozza, Nicola Pitaro, Florio Puenter, Stephan Schenk, Gaudenz Signorell, Jules Spinatsch, Dominique Teufen and Ester Vonplon.

Fotoszene GR at Photobastei

This exhibition begins on 17th April and continues until 5th May – but there are up to 50 concurrent galleries of photos in this ever changing exhibition at any one time, so do have fun exploring whilst you’re there. Photobastei is open from 12 noon until 9pm Tuesday to Sunday and admission is free. To find out more about the photographic exhibition at Photobastei please read our previous article here.

Other events on this week include Baselworld which finishes on Thursday 3rd April

Jewels at Baselworld


and the Salon du Chocolat which runs from 4th – 6th April.

Salon du Chocolat Zurich


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