Jelmoli’s New Food Market

Jelmoli’s New Food Market

Jelmoli Food Hall Zurich

Inside the new Jelmoli Food Market Photo: NewInZurich

The Jelmoli food hall has been revamped, refreshed and expanded and on Tuesday 8th April it opened it’s doors to welcome the people of Zurich as the Jelmoli “Food Market”. Drawing on inspiration from international food halls as well as fresh local produce, CEO Franco Savastano was present as the store unveiled the food market’s new look.

Franco Savastano CEO Jelmoli

Jelmoli CEO Franco Savastano Photo: NewInZurich

It’s all laid out in the style of a market where you can buy not only the ingredients you are looking to cook, but also many of the accessories too. There is a Buchmann bakery offering fabulous fresh bread, a natürli humidor housing a wide variety of Swiss and international cheeses, an extensive Möwenpick wine and spirits area (which will be further extended to accommodate even more wine in the next couple of months), a new frozen yogurt counter called “Wonderpots”, as well the Pernet fresh fish, food and vegetable counters and a Kauffman butchers.

Not only can you shop here but it’s a great place to eat too with the Market Grill restaurant offering fresh, tasty grills and the Nippon Food serving delicious sushi and sashimi.

Jelmoli fashion and food

As the sign on the window outside says: Fashion and Food – very fitting for Jelmoli, which after all was the first modern department store to be built in Zurich. So whether you’re looking for clothes or carrots, you can find both conveniently located under one roof at Jelmoli’s. More information here.


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