Sechseläuten, Burning of the Böögg & Platz Fäscht 2014

Sechseläuten, Burning of the Böögg & Platz Fäscht 2014

Burning of the Boog Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurich

It’s coming up for that very special time of year when the festival of Sechseläuten (Sächsilüüte in Swiss German) will be celebrated here in Zurich. This year will be the first time that the Böögg (the white snowman) will be burned on the newly renovated Sechseläutenplatz right in front of the Opera House at Bellevue.

Platz Fäscht

Have you seen all the preparations taking place for the “Platz Fäscht”? The Platz Fäscht will be a series of celebrations taking place on Sechseläutenplatz from 22nd  – 27th April followed, of course, by the burning of the Böögg on 28th April.

Platz Fäscht Zurich

There is a full program with live acts, circus acts, an open-air cinema, radio stations, DJs, Bryn Terfel and lots more. At the moment there is an exhibition taking place on the square giving information and a little history behind all the events. Simply wander down to Sechseläeutenplatz on Bellevue to take a look.

You can even get your photograph taken with the Böögg himself! You can either book in advance or simply turn up and queue to climb the scaffolding to the top close the Böögg’s head and have a close up view of him as well as a bird’s eye view over Sechselaeutenplatz.

The line up for the Platz Fäscht is as follows:

Wednesday 23rd April is Jazz Night

Thursday 24th is the Open air Cinema 

Friday 25th is the Music Festival

Saturday 26th is the Opera Festival

Sunday 27th April is the Family Festival

For full information see here.

Platz Faescht Zurich

The Parade of the Guilds through Zurich

On Monday 28th April the 26 Zurich guilds or Zünfte, will parade through the streets in traditional attire on foot, on horseback and on floats and horse-drawn wagons.

Sechselaeuten Zurich 2013 © Geoff Pegler

Photo: © Geoff Pegler

Tens of thousands of spectators line the streets of Zurich and for many it is an official holiday or half day. It’s a great day out and there is plenty of merriment, with bands playing, people marching – and you may even get to see the odd camel being led through the city centre.

Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurich

Photo: © NewInZurich

At 6pm precisely the Böögg, a large snowman like creation is set alight. The Böögg is packed full of fireworks and depending on how long he burns for, Zurich will either have a good or bad Summer ahead (the quicker the burning the better the Summer apparently) – though as with all good legends and stories the Böögg’s predictions are totally unreliable!

See the video below by Geoff Pegler of the Böögg being set alight last year.

Sechseläuten means ‘The six o’clock ringing of the bells’ as this was what it originally celebrated with the beginning of the Summer working hours for the workers. Now it’s a traditional celebration and a way of signifying the end of Winter in Zurich.

The Sechseläuten line up for 2014:

Sunday 27th April 27 at  2:30pm
Children’s parade (following the route from Bürkliplatz – Quaibrücke – Limmatquai – Rudolf-Brun-Brücke – Bahnhofstrasse – Bürkliplatz – Fraumünsterstrasse to Stadthausquai)

For pictures of last year’s Children’s Parade see here

Monday 28th April at 3pm
The Guilds Parade (Bahnhofstrasse – Bürkliplatz – Bahnhofstrasse – Rudolf Brun Brücke – Limmatquai to Bellevue)
6pm –  the burning of the Böögg on Sechseläutenplatz

For more information and photos please read this article.  


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