10 Top Travelling Tips

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10 Top Travelling Tips 

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It’s the season for travelling … for packing and unpacking! If you’re heading off on your holidays in Switzerland or abroad here are 10 top travelling tips and ideas we’d like to share:

10 Top Travelling Tips 

1. Packing – when packing put all the items you plan taking with you in a suitcase. Have a cup of tea then take everything out of the case and re-pack aiming to reduce the number of items by half. You will feel better with a lighter suitcase and if you really have cut back too much, you can have fun shopping on your travels! Do pack one “smart” outfit in case somewhere you visit has a dress code (for men a jacket and tie may be useful) and also clothing to cover shoulders and legs in case you’re visiting the Vatican or similar location.

2. Money – call your bank / credit card provider before you go to advise which countries you will be visiting (include airport stopovers too just in case you get shopping there as well!). Banks are getting very security conscious and often your cards will be blocked for usage in shops and especially at cash machines. Always take 2 different credit cards and a debit card as well as some local and home currency too – preferably some small change for tips etc too. Check your cards are not due to expire whilst you’re away.

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3. Documents – make a note of all your important documents and keep it in a safe place (not just on your phone in case that gets damaged or stolen). Evernote is a great app (for your phone AND for your computer) which can help you keep track if things get lost. Important documents to photocopy, make a “phone photo” of, or store include: your passport, ticket info, insurance documents, credit cards, priority/ loyalty passes  – as well as the telephone numbers you need to call if things go wrong – e.g. your bank, insurance co etc.

4. Valuables – don’t pack your laptop, jewellery, expensive camera in your suitcase. Always take these items separately in your hand luggage or handbag. Packing a pashmina in your handbag can help protect delicate items like jewellery and is a great idea to keep you warm or protect you if you get sunburnt.

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5. Electronics – take a separate pouch with all your adaptors, computer and phone cables for all your devices. If you’re taking your laptop make a back up before you go. If you’re snapping lots of photos it’s wise to take some spare memory cards and maybe a portable hard drive too. If you’re visiting a number of different countries a couple of good universal adaptors is  a good idea. Don’t forget when travelling to the US you may need to turn on your electronic equipment at the airport security – so do build in some extra time.

6. Destination – research your destinations online before you go – it can help you formulate a great itinerary and avoids wasting time when you arrive. It also helps with packing the appropriate clothing.

7. First Aid Kit – make sure you take any medications with you as well as a basic first aid kit. Plasters, antiseptic cream, aspirins, pain killers, anti-histamines, Immodium, bandages are always useful to have. Antiseptic / baby wipes are also useful on long journeys.

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8. Footwear – whenever you’re travelling you tend to walk more than usual – so make sure you pack comfortable shoes (never new ones which haven’t been broken in) and at least one other spare change of footwear.

9. Hand luggage extras – Pack swimwear and a change of clothes if you have space in your hand luggage. If you arrive early and your room isn’t ready at least you can have a swim in the hotel pool whilst waiting to check in.

10. Travel List – Make a list of all the items you routinely pack when travelling, edit it at the end of your trip and keep copy on Evernote, on your phone and email it to yourself too.

Happy travels and enjoy your holidays!

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