No Excuses Zurich TRX Bootcamp & Metafit Classes

No Excuses Zurich TRX Bootcamp & Metafit Classes

Jayne Salmon No Excuses

Today’s Guest Blog is an interview with Jayne Salmon who set up “No Excuses” in Zurich. NewInZurich caught up with Jayne to find out a little more about what she offers and how No Excuses can help you get the body or the fitness you’ve always wanted! Check out the video at the end of the article to see what it’s like!

Jayne Salmon No Excuses

Tone up, lose weight and look great for Christmas with Jayne Salmon of NoExcuses Zurich

NiZ: What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Jayne: I like to keep my classes as varied as possible so I like the challenge of designing different class routines, I like the challenge of having to stay creative to keep it fun for everyone.

NiZ: What part of your job gives you the most satisfaction?

Jayne: That’s an easy one! Changing people’s lives. To see people walk into class, unsure, no confidence, and watch over the weeks as they become stronger, fitter, more toned. You see their clothes change from the baggy old sweats they walked in with, to new training kit. They stand nearer the front. They have more confidence, they’re sleeping better, eating better, handling their daily stresses better. Most people don’t know or care how they look on the inside. You hear “Does my butt look big in this?” you never hear “How does my heart look?” (well not until there is a problem). Whilst people can see the outer changes I also have massive satisfaction knowing I’m also improving their insides, heart, lungs, arteries, cholesterol etc etc


Jayne Salmon No Excuses

NiZ: What would you say to people who are frightened of signing up as they feel they are too unfit and may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in a class?

Jayne: All my classes have all levels of fitness, age and nationality in them. Classes are taught circuit style with 30, 45, or 60 minute stations. This makes it easy for all fitness levels to take part. Whilst a new, out of condition person might only complete 5 repetitions of something in the same time, a more advanced person might complete 10. No one knows but the client. All I ask is that you give me 100+% and work your hardest. It then great for the new person to see that whilst at the beginning they could only manage 5 reps, they can now do 6, 7 or 10!

NiZ: What are your top tips for anyone thinking of embarking on a fitness plan.

Jayne: You need to be realistic. There is no point in setting yourself up for failure. If you are not a morning person classes at 07.00 are probably not for you! Choose times that you know you can stick to  – “No Excuses” remember! People also need to realize that what you eat plays a massive part in how you look. There is no point in coming to me and working your hardest if your eating is awful. I recommend a talk with a nutritionist, which I can organise, to ensure you are getting the most out of the time and money you are about to invest.

NiZ: Do people coming to your classes have to be members of Holmes Place or Silhouette?

Jayne: No, no membership is needed at either facility which is great for people who are new to Zurich. There is no need to join, you can get a feel of the facility and can join later if you’d like to – but there is no obligation. There is also no contract with me. Unlike many other instructors, you have the option of either paying monthly or by individual class.

NiZ: What do you feel are your strengths when it comes to coaching or training other people?

Jayne: I’m definitely a glass is over half full kind of person. People comment on my energy and I think my classes feed off that. I’ve been coaching for over 30 years, I really don’t think there is much left that I haven’t seen, heard or had to deal with! Classes are constantly varied so people don’t get bored. They are always challenging at all levels. I read people well and react to their mood on that day.

No Excuses Metafit classes Zurich

NiZ: What gave you the idea to set up “No Excuses” and how did you choose the name?

Jayne:  I was working as a Personal Trainer in Bermuda when I was given the opportunity to literally build a fitness facility from the ground up and it needed a name. I was becoming very disillusioned by people’s continuous excuses as to why they couldn’t train and the name seemed very apt! I now only take on Personal Training clients who agree to commit the time and want to work hard – that way we can achieve great results!

NiZ: For Personal Training, what kind of clients are you looking for?

Jayne: I will only take clients who have a clear goal. That can be getting back into shape after pregnancy, cutting time off a marathon and all and everything in between. I would expect to see them 3 x per week for 1 hour. (This would obviously be adjusted close to any competition). They would need to meet with a nutritionist and have an eating plan organized that they can stick to.

On the days they are not seeing me I would still expect some activity – each person’s needs being different. Currently Personal Training can take place in the client’s house or outside. I can also train small groups of up to 3 people with the same goals. I would expect 1 day a week of complete rest. Oh and a lot of fun! If we’re hanging out together at crazy times of the day it had better be fun!

NiZ: Do you only teach classes in Zurich?

Jayne: I am hoping to teach in Oberrieden and Richterswil and possibly Seefeld, but really all we need is space, a group of people and some enthusiasm. If NewInZurich clients would like classes in other places then email me with ideas of suitable times and places and I will see what I can organize.

Whether it’s weight you want to lose or if you want to improve your fitness levels, Jayne can help you. If she has inspired you to take the plunge and try out No Excuses personal training why not click here for more information about the classes. To see the taster video click here .

Jayne Salmon NO EXCUSES

For more information email Jayne direct on:

All photos copyright No Excuses Zurich. This article was written in collaboration with and supported by No Excuses.


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