Fashion, Wine, Beauty in Zurich

Sunset in Zurich

Fashion, Wine, Beauty in Zurich

February can often be cold and grey in Zurich. This week we’ve had our fair share of grey but when the sun came out it more than made up for it with some some stunning sunsets. If you’ve been lucky enough to hit the slopes the views above the clouds in the mountains have been amazing. However, whatever the weather, in February there are always plenty of events in Zurich. This week the three that stood out featured fashion, wine and beauty…

FASHION – Fashion with Mode Suisse

Mode Suisse Edition 7 Zurich

On Monday the Mode Suisse Fashion show took place at the Kongresshaus in Claridenstrasse. Primarily aimed at promoting young designers in the Swiss Fashion industry, there were two fashion shows, one at 12.30 and one at 3.30pm each  featuring different designers. From classic designs to the wild and wacky  – there was lots of creativity and lots of interest!

The designers featured were: Adrian Reber, Claudia Bertini, Huber Egloff, Julian Zigerli, La Cri, Sara Vidas, Steinrohner, STF, at the first show.

Blank Etiquette by Tosca Wyss, Ensoie, Head Genève, Lyn Lingerie, Nirian Frey, Sandro Marzon, Saro and Vivian Graf.

Afterwards the clothes were available to be seen in the showroom and you could talk directly to the designers.

WINE – Wine at the International Beer Bar with

Wine Lovers Apėro at the International Bar Zurich

In the middle of the week there was a “Wine Lovers Apéro” at the new International Beer Bar  in Zurich, which was hosted by Kat Morse from It was a great success with 6 different wines being tasted as Kat explained the subtleties of each one. will be hosting more “Wine Lovers Apéros” as well as straight forward wine tastings and we will keep you posted on upcoming events. If you are interested in ordering any wines, NewInZurich have teamed up with to offer you a discount of CHF 10 when you place your order on anything (besides sales items or wine lover’s apero tickets).  To qualify, simply use the promo code newinzurich when you purchase via the website.

BEAUTY – Beauty with Dior at Jelmoli

Fashion, wine and Beauty in Zurich

On Friday Sandra Bauknecht was hosting a beauty event in conjunction with Dior and L’Officiel magazine at Jelmoli. The event was held at the Sopra restaurant on the 4th floor and was to celebrate the launch of Diorskin nude air make up. Michelle Fisher, Dior’s make-up expert, was on hand to share make up tips and Alessandro was doing live demonstrations and “touch ups”. There was a great atmosphere with champagne and canapés served by the attentive staff at Sopra – a great end to the week.

Enjoy the weekend and if you’re heading to the mountains this week have fun!

If you’ve missed our What’s On Guide for this week see it here.

Pizol Ski resort


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