Foodie Zurich – the Zurich Street Food Festival

Foodie Zurich – the Zurich Street Food Festival

 Street Food Festival Zurich

If you missed the first Zurich Street Food Festival last year, don’t worry it’s already time for the second one! Building on the success of the last festival with the street food trucks full of tasty and delicious food from all over the world, the next one is now planned for 27th February – 1st March.

Whether you’re big into Japanese curry or British fish and chips, or maybe spicy Indian delights or the speciality 65 hour cider steak takes your fancy, you’re really in for a treat! These and lots more delightful food and beverages will all be on offer.

The event takes place at Giessereihalle 18, PULS 5 in Zurich West and begins on Friday 27th at 5pm and goes on till midnight. On Saturday 28th February it’s from 12 till midnight and on Sunday 1st March from 12 noon till 6pm.

Here is the agenda:

Street Food Festival ZurichFoodie Zurich – the Zurich Street Food Festival Photo Credit Zurich Street Food Festival


Take cash, take your time (as there is so much great stuff to choose from) and enjoy.

The next Street Food Festivals will take place the last weekend of May and of September this year.

For more information please go to the website.


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