Uetliberg Zurich’s Local Mountain

Uetliberg in Zurich

Uetliberg Zurich’s Local Mountain

Uetliberg in Zurich

Zurich’s All Year Round Attraction

Views from Uetliberg

The view from Uetliberg over Lake Zurich in the Winter

Uetliberg - Kino Am Berg Virtual Reality Open Air Cinema Zurich

The view from Uetliberg over Lake Zurich in the Summer

The Uetliberg mountain in Zurich is a great destination for a weekend walk at any time of year. You can either hike up from the bottom or do as most people seem to and catch train from Zurich Hauptbahnhof. If you’re hiking, there are several routes you can take, the shortest (but steepest) being from Albisguëtli to the top. By train you need to buy a ticket to Uetliberg and catch the S10 train, then it’s a gentle 10 minute walk uphill to the summit.

Uetliberg Tower

The observation platform

Uetliberg Observation Tower

Uetliberg - Kino Am Berg Virtual Reality Open Air Cinema Zurich

“Zurich’s local mountain” as it is known, stands 871 metres above sea level and at the summit there is an observation platform, a TV tower and the Hotel Uto Kulm. Situated so high above Zurich, it offers stunning views over the city and the lake all the way towards Glarus and across to the alps.

Uetliberg Zurich’s Local Mountain

Every Season of the year has something to offer at the Uetliberg, In Spring it’s full of mountain flowers and blossoms. In Sumer it’s a great destination for a hike or picnic.

Uetliberg Zurich's Local Mountain

Uetliberg in the Summer

In Autumn its summit sits above the fog covered city so you can catch the sun’s Autumnal rays.

Sledging on the Ueltiberg

In Winter when the snow has fallen, it has its own tobogganing run and becomes a mecca for sledging. It even offers night time sledging at certain times too. See here  for more information.

Sledging on the Ueltiberg

The snow transforms the paths, including the Planetenweg (the path of the planets walk) into a veritable Winter Wonderdland.

Sledging on the Ueltiberg

It’s also a great destination for visitors being not too far from the city but offering  a unique perspective of Zurich.

Prime Tower form the Uetliberg

If you’re visiting in Winter as we were this weekend, the walk to the summit is often snow covered and you would be well advised to wear hiking shoes or shoes with a bit of grip! Otherwise you might find yourself sliding without the need for a sledge!

View from Uetliberg

If you fancy heading there you can also check the webcam here for the latest conditions.

For more information please go to the website.


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