7 Signs you Know It’s Spring in Switzerland

10 things to do in Zurich in Springtime

7 Signs you Know It’s Spring in Switzerland


Spring in Switzerland is possibly the most beautiful season of the year. Not only are the trees abundant with blossom and the fields full of flowers, but particularly in Zurich there are fun celebrations to mark the end of the short Winter days and the beginning of the longer, lighter times ahead.

Burning the Böögg Sechselaeuten

1. Zurich celebrates the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring with the feast of Sechseläuten. This festival which is followed by the Burning of the Böögg is not only a half day holiday (for many companies in Zurich) but it’s a great spectacle for the whole family.

It’s always on the third Monday of April. The “Kinder Umzug” or Children’ Parade takes place on the Sunday then the main parade of the Guilds with 3,500 people is on the Monday of Sechseläuten. It all culminates in the setting light to the giant white snowman known as the Böögg. The shorter the time the Böögg burns, the better the Summer will be.

Burning of the Boog Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurich

3. The “mind the frog” signs go up all over Switzerland along country roads. Some roads are even closed on account of the frogs.

Mind the frogs in Switzerland in Spring


Mind the frog signs in Switzerland

Time to drive carefully and avoid the frolicking frogs!

4. Spring flowers can be found all over hiking trails, parks and gardens.

Springtime in Zurich

5. The ski resorts celebrate the season “Schluss” with fun and games and the hikers start appearing all over  the walking trails and mountains.

7 Signs you Know It’s Spring in Switzerland

6. The supermarkets are full of local Spring specialities such as asparagus – particularly the white variety –  and the “Heisse Maroni” street sellers pack their bags till next Winter.

Sunset near Zurich.jpg

7. The sun shines longer and there is more opportunity to capture photos of the beautiful Swiss scenery and of course a great opportunity for sunset shots too.

Zurich Pink Sunset


Enjoy the longer lighter days of Spring!


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