AUFSEHEN! – Zurich’s Summer Festival

Aufsehen Zurich's Summer Festival

AUFSEHEN! – Zurich’s Summer Festival

25th June – 6th September


Every year Zurich celebrates art in its streets in different ways. Over the years there have been various art installations in Zurich – painted cows, outsize flowerpots and bears – and of course last year, the crane! This year, there is a new open-air exhibition called “AUFSEHEN!” which will take place in the streets of the city from 25th June until 6th September.

You may have already noticed the historic faces blowing in the wind along Bahnhofstrasse. This is a collection to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Bahnhofstrasse. Created by Richard Davies it depicts 12 people who have directly helped in the development of this famous shopping street. The paintings represent Johannes Baur, Arnold Bürkli, Boris Dreiding, Alfred Escher, Adolf Grieder, Johann Peter Jelmoli-Ciolina, Jakob Keller, Franz Landolt & Elise Landolt-Arbenz, Emil Meister, Rudolf Sprüngli and Arnold Türler.


Aufsehen!  Zurich's Summer Festival.

There will be many other art representations in Zurich over the coming weeks and months. Some will be on famous buildings, there will be “urban knitting” installations, photo shoots and of course, the facades of shops and offices will be transformed with colourful pieces of art too. The idea behind it all it to get people to see Zurich from a completely new perspective and to bring colour to the streets this Summer.

In the Markthalle at the Viadukt in Zurich West there is a special exhibition called “Urban Jungle”.  Eight artists have created works of art all along the Viadukt showing nature conquering the city, with flowers graffiti, butterflies and urban meadows.


Aufsehen! - Zurich's Summer Festival

To take a look at some of the highlights of the AUFSEHEN Summer Festival please see here in German.

You can also take a look at the online magazine AUFSEHEN, which although in German, also has summaries of the key events in English. Please see here for the magazine. You can download the AUFSEHEN! app from the App Store too.

Enjoy a colourful Summer in Zurich!


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