Kids Summer Fun with the Zurich Ferienpass – ZVV Ferienpass

Updated for 2019

ZVV Somerferienpass

Kids Summer Fun

with the Zurich Ferienpass 2019

ZVV Ferienpass

What's On In Zurich Mid June 2019

For Children Aged 6 to 16

If you have children between the ages of 6 and 16 and are living in Zurich there is one Summer accessory you should definitely not be without!  It’s the ZVV holiday pass 2019. We LOVED this pass when our kids were under 16 and our kids LOVED it too! It gives your children freedom and independence – but plenty to keep them interested during the long Summer holidays and lots of precious memories too. It gives you a bit of space and it’s great to hear all their stories at the end of the day on how they used their pass.

Swimming Pools, Free Travel, Museums and More

Not only does it allow free access for children to 130 Badis in the Zurich area, but it also gives them unlimited travel throughout the ZVV (Zurich wide) area by train, bus and tram during the Summer holidays.

Valid For 5 Weeks

The pass is valid for 5 weeks during the Summer and to be eligible children must be between 6 and 16 years old.  They get all the following goodies included in this great deal:

  • unlimited 2nd class travel throughout the Zurich ZVV area by train, bus, tram and boat
  • free admission to more than 130 Badis – see list of free Badis here
  • free entrance to  Zurich Zoo
  • free entrance to 45 museums
  • discounted admission to Alpamare
  • discounted admission to Technorama
  • disounted ice cream
  • 1 hours pedalo for a discounted price and lots more!

What You Need To Do

The ZVV holiday passport is only valid with a passport photo and with all the personal details completed. It is not transferable. If you are over 12 years old always take your Ausweis with you just in case you get controlled and look older than your actual age.

For more information on the ZVV holiday pass (in German) please see here. You can order the Ferienpass online or buy it at your local SBB station.

The Ferienpass was my children’s favourite aspect of the Summer holidays and it’s great for parents and children alike. Costing just CHF 25 it’s probably the best bargain for children that you can find in Zurich!

Dates for ZVV Ferienpass

This year’s dates for the Sommerferienpass are as follows:

6th July till 11th August 2019

Or 13th July till 18th August 2019

What's On In Zurich Late June Early July 2019

Have fun with your kids this Summer in Zurich!

Top Photo © ZVV Ferienpass


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