New Food Concepts in Zurich – Katzentisch

Fischers Fritz Zurich

New Food Concepts in Zurich

– Katzentisch


New Food Concepts in Zurich - Katzentisch


UPDATE: Katzentisch is sadly no longer running – however, we are keeping this article here just for information.

Zurich’s food scene is constantly evolving. New restaurants are opening all the time offering different types of food and cuisine, from paleo to ethnic and everything in between. There are great food festivals popping up like the Street Food Festival and Il Tavolo gourmet food festival in Zurich. Another new concept which we’ve just tried out is something called Katzentisch.

So what’s Katzentisch ? A cat table? No, it’s actually a kind of “” meets “Uber” for diners. It’s good for people who decide they want to go to dinner but haven’t yet booked anything and allows restaurants to sell off spare tables from 3pm on the day of dining, offering very special goodies on top. For example you might get a glass of champagne thrown in or even a bottle of wine. In fact some of the goodies are amazing – like a pick up via Maserati and champagne and canapés for a recent special deal.

The good thing for restaurant owners is that when one of their reserved tables gets cancelled on the day, they are able to put the table online on Katzentisch. The menu prices remain the same but via Katzentisch you get an extra ‘goody’ thrown in. Katzentisch offers an attractive selection of good restaurants in Zurich – but every day is different depending on what tables are available. It gives you an element of surprise and spontaneity too.

Fischers Fritz

We tried out Katzentish the other day and one of the restaurants available at 3pm when we went online was Fischers Fritz. Located directly on the lake close to Wollishofen, with magnificent views across the water offers relaxed friendly dining and is bound to be popular spot this Summer. True to its location it offered a good selection of fish as well as meat, chicken and vegetarian options too.


When we arrived we were greeted with a smile and a very welcoming glass of champagne. We had a very good meal starting with the excellent goats cheese and tomato salad followed by Knusperli, beautifully cooked trout, fresh salad and the most amazing truffle frites (very large portions – so you may want to share!).

As with Uber they have your credit card details from when you register – so you simply check the bill, add the gratuity and the bill is sent to you by post.

To find out more visit the Katzentisch website and why not book yourself a last minute surprise?


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