Faye Koehler of Wiine.me Talks about Swiss Wine

Faye Koehler of Wiine.me

Talks about Swiss Wine


Faye Koehler of Wiine.me Talks about Swiss Wine


In the past, Swiss wine has had a tainted reputation on the global stage. Even the great Winston Churchill allegedly spat out his wine during a speech in Zurich in 1946. The history of Swiss wine has been one of acidity, is what the wine sommelier and Swiss ambassador of wine, Faye Dominique Koehler said. However, she believes that Swiss wine has come on in leaps and bounds and is now ready for the world’s competitors.

Being a chef and sommelier, she has a great passion for wine and food, believing that a good combination of the two will make a good meal great. “A bad combination of wine and food can make a wine you’ve had for years taste horrible”.

Being an advocate of Swiss wine and sommelier for Wiine.me, she told us that Swiss wine is unique in that it is “Up and Coming”. Despite a history of poor wines, the industry is picking up with demand from Asia for European wines. “Valais” in particular is a location that she can recommend for the future.


Through her company, Wine.me, Faye offers several wine related events across the Zurich area. Including wine tastings, wine/food combinations, cooking classes and much more. They also offer a service in which you pay a fee to have a monthly offering of 3 wines for you to try. “People make a mistake in choosing the same wines at the dinner table, not diversifying to make their food and wine taste better together”.  With this service, you are certainly trying something new and delving into some of the unknown wines of the world.

For those who cannot afford the most expensive wines on the shelves of Globus, do not worry. Faye says that “Wine is not marked by price, I have had wines that have costed 1000’s of francs a glass and found them to be average. I have also tasted wines that have costed 10chf and tasted great”.

wiine.me team

Faye’s role as ambassador means that she must try to appeal to the younger community. Many teenagers see wine as something you have with your parents, not for their consumption, too refined. She says that it is this mentality that must be broken and new more trendy wines will have to come to the forefront.

With the several offers with wine.me on offer to open new horizons in wine. It will only be a matter of time before the generation of tomorrow will start gaining interest.

For more information on the great wines on offer and wine tastings and events visit www.wiine.me

Wine Lovers Apėro at the International Bar Zurich

Photos from a previous Wine Lovers Apéro

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Article written by Jan de Boer
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