Luxe4Education Cashmere Sales for Charity 2015


Cashmere Sales for Charity 2015


cashmere for chinese orphans


Marie Longin unveiled her second collection of beautiful cashmere items in Autumn and is holding another sale on 3rd, 4th and 5th December 2015 from 11am to 5pm at Weid 13 in Zumikon. Last year she launched Luxe4Education, an innovative idea to generate funds through the sale of luxury cashmere to help Chinese orphans obtain an education. Marie tells us about the success of last season and the new projects she has planned.

Cashmere for Chinese orphans

NIZ : What was the reaction of Zurich to your project ?

Marie : I did not know what to expect last year when I started this project and launched the first cashmere collection. I had just arrived from Shanghai, with very little idea of how people would react to a charitable commercial enterprise. I was looking for a way to continue supporting the foster home for blind orphans I was involved with while in China, and had good connections with a luxury cashmere manufacturer.

Cashmere for chinese orphans

The response was really amazing, not just in terms of how much I sold, but also the interest of the people I met through this project, and the deep interactions with my “clients”. I think people are touched by the aim of the business, which is of course to generate profit, but to distribute 100% of it to organizations that are involved with educating orphans. We hear a lot these days about new consumption models; by indulging in a piece of luxury cashmere, my clients are also donating to a charitable organisation. It’s a nice way to give to charity.

NIZ : Tell us about the projects you funded last year.

Marie : Through our Verein “4Education of Orphans in China”, we were able to make signficant donations to three organizations in China.

Shining Star is a residential home for blind orphans in Shanghai. Children are taught independent living skills, orientation and mobility, fine and gross motor skills. The funds donated will be used to establish a Braille and sensory library: equipment to familiarise the children with Braille reading and writing, sensory and oversized items to introduce the Braille 6-dot system and to develop fine motor skills.

Cashmere for Chinese orphans in Zumikon

In Beijing, Bethel is home to over 80 blind and visually impaired orphans. Started over 12 years ago, it is now a reference site for the high quality of its foster care, education and therapy. The donations will allow Bethel to hire and train specialized teachers.

Braille Without Borders in Lhassa is a school for blind children, and a vocational training centre promoting the self integration of blind people in Tibetan society. The funds from the Verein will cover living and educational expenses for the orphans staying at the centre.

Luxe4Education Cashmere

NIZ : How about this year’s cashmere collection ?

Marie : Fabulous ! I think I have a good understanding this season of what people like in Zurich, and am very excited with this new collection. There will be of course timeless classic pieces like beautifully cut V-necks and round necks, in seven different colors.

However, I also have more comtemporary items, such as hoodies, for both men and women and long cardigans that can almost be worn as a light coat. Additionally I also have elegant dresses, two-tone ponchos, capes, woven scarfs and shawls and lots of accessories.

Marie is holding the next sale of luxury cashmere on December 3rd, 4th & 5th at Weid 13 in Zumikon, from 11am to 5pm. If you would like more information, please visit  So this Christmas why not treat yourself and an orphan in China?

If you can’t make the sale in Zumikon, there is a selection of items selling at a new concept store, Eureka Galore, Rietholzstarsse 18, Zollikerberg (Tuesday till Friday, 10.30am to 12:30 and 2.30pm to 6.30pm, Saturday 2.30pm to 5.30pm).

For other sale locations, or if you are interested in hosting a cashmere sale please email Marie here.


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