New In Zurich: Tapas & Friends

Tapas & friends Zurich

New In Zurich: Tapas & Friends


If you’re looking for a restaurant in Zurich serving delicious classic and fusion tapas, it’s time you popped down to the bijou little restaurant Tapas & Friends to try some of their tasty morsels. It’s surprisingly close to Zurich main station and very near to Hardbrücke and Sihlcity. Located in Kreis 3, Tapas & Friends is a real hidden gem.

Tapas and Friends Zurich

Their tapas are made of high quality Spanish sourced ingredients and local produce – they use Swiss free-range chicken and eggs, Swiss prime beef and mostly local Swiss vegetables. There are classic, vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free tapas on offer and you can order as few or as many as you fancy depending on how hungry you are.

Wine, Take Away and Catering

They also have some amazing Spanish wine mainly from small regional producers around Barcelona to wash it all down with. Another bonus is that Tapas & Friends offer a take-away service. They also do catering for parties, events, company dos and lots more.

NewInZurich caught up with the owner Mabel to find out some more.

NIZ: Mabel what inspired you to open a Tapas Restaurant in Zurich?

Mabel: I’m just mad about tapas! Ever since I arrived in Zurich I’ve been looking for tapas which taste like real, proper home-made tapas in a relaxed and fun setting. It was this that motivated me to start my own Tapas restaurant with Tapas & Friends.

NIZ: Can you explain the concept of “tapas”? What are your specialities?

Mabel: There are many stories claiming to explain the history of tapas. However, a “tapa” can be any small portion of food. Tapas & Friends specialise in Spanish classic and fusion tapas with the focus on high quality raw materials. Our customers can choose from four different types of home-made croquetas and there are even tapas with a taste of Ceviche, or Ginger and soy Tuna Tatar as well as other fusion offerings. We offer a real tapas adventure!

Tapas and Friends

NIZ: What are your most popular tapas?

Mabel: From the classic selection, Patatas Bravas and Tortilla de patata and Beef filet (Solomillo) with camembert are top favourites. On the fusion side, the Ginger and soy salmon are really popular. Vegans love our avocado coriander tatar.

NIZ: What’s the difference between pinchos and tapas?

Mabel: That’s a tricky question and people have lots of different opinions! In my own view, Pinchos or pintxos are small bites placed on a piece of bread, often with a small cocktail stick. Tapas are small bites presented on a plate directly.

New In Zurich: Tapas & Friends

NIZ: What do you recommend to drink with tapas?

Mabel: Red or white wine, or a glass of Cava. Sangria is another good option.

NIZ: Can you tell us a little about the catering service and take away service you offer?

Mabel: We offer a full menu take away service for our clients during normal opening hours. We believe tapas are supremely suited to catering too – there is so much variety and it is easily scaleable depending on what the client wants. Tapas are a very original, tasty and stylish way of telling a story according to what our clients want to achieve with their events.

When catering we take care not only of the food, but also of the table arrangements and work closely with our clients to help them achieve what they are aiming for. We cater for vegan, vegetarian, classic and even gluten free menus, all in customisable formats.

Tapas and Friends Zurich

NIZ: We’ve heard you’re running events in the restaurant too … tell us more.

Mabel: We started with painting evenings in September and the next event is already planned for November and there are many more ideas in the pipeline! We will also be holding our first painting exhibition in November with works from artist Joanne Finnegan.

NIZ: Tell us a little about your background. We understand your brother is a chef.

Mabel: 15 years ago I moved from my home-town in Barcelona, and Switzerland has been home ever since. My background is in the coffee business, an industry in which taste and quality are so very important. It is this passion for quality ingredients and good taste that I’ve taken with me to Tapas & Friends.

My brother is a chef and always told me that you can’t go wrong if you work with quality products. With tapas, this is extremely important. A tortilla de patata tastes considerably better when you use free range eggs and we source those in Switzerland.

tapas & friends Zurich

NIZ: What is your vision for Tapas & Friends in Zurich?

Mabel: Being probably the tiniest tapas restaurant in Zurich, we want to be seen as BIG in product freshness, quality and customer service. The whole team is fully dedicated to make our customers really enjoy their visit to our restaurant.

Tapas and Friends Zurich

NIZ: What else should we know that’s going on at Tapas & Friends?

Mabel: We have always have several events planned. For more details please see our Events Page here.


“Afterwork Thursdays” are also fun, lively events at Tapas & Friends. You can already sense the weekend mood in our clients and it’s a great evening!


You can also keep up to date with Tapas & Friends events by subscribing to the Tapas & Friends newsletter here.

Tapas & Friends

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday 5pm – 11pm.


Aemtlerstrasse 86, 8003 Zürich

Phone: 044 542 89 99


Mabel has also contributed a recipe to our collection especially for NewInZurich readers. View Tapas & Friends’ Crema Catalan recipe here. 

 crema catalana recipe
This article was written with the support of and in conjunction with Tapas & Friends.
All photos are courtesy of Tapas & Friends.
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