Spa Day at Tamina Thermal Baths Bad Ragaz

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Bad Ragaz

Spa Day

at Tamina Thermal Baths Bad Ragaz

Fancy a day out at a spa not too far from Zurich and with fabulous views of the mountains to boot? Why not take a short trip to Bad Ragaz, just over an hour’s drive from the city? It’s also easily accessible by public transport with direct trains from Hauptbahnhof and a short trip on a bus.

On arrival follow the signs to the Casino and the public car park is located in this block. The building itself is a beautiful, art deco inspired construction with large oval “windows” with views onto the mountains in the distance. When we arrived last week the snow was thick on the ground and the snowcapped views were really enticing.

Spa Day at Tamina Thermal Baths Bad Ragaz

Once you arrive at reception you are given a bracelet which has a number on it corresponding to the number of your locker. Everything here is cashless which makes it so easy and much more relaxing. There is a chip in the bracelet which records your entry time and anything you purchase, extra warm towels (you get one included in the entry price), drinks, food etc is just added to the bracelet as if by magic. You pay for the length of your stay – but it is all very reasonable (see the tariffs in the link below).

After finding your locker, you can change in a cubicle nearby, lock your stuff electronically in the locker with the bracelet (no money required) and head upstairs to the main spa area. After a shower you are ready to try out the various spa pools, each offering pools at different temperatures raining from 19 degrees (basically a plunge pool) all the way through to 39 degrees!

There is also complimentary thermal water if you fancy a drink. It’s room temperature and if you’ve ever tried the spa water at somewhere like Bath in England, I’d say this one compares vary favourably!

Thermal spa at Bad Ragaz

Photo © Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz

One of the pools has a large selection of jets – but there is a system here! You stay at each of the jet stations for a set period of time until a flashing arrow tells you to move to the next one. It means you get to try them all out and then beyond this line of “set” stations there are a further set of waterfalls and jets at which you can stay as long as you like. We went for a 4 hour session at the spa and during this time we were able to try out all the jets and all the pools.

The water itself is beautiful health-giving spa water and the whole area is relaxing both in the way it looks and the ambiance it portrays. There is a focus on health and wellbeing here and in addition to the pools you can use the warm “relaxation room” upstairs, or at extra cost have a sleep in the “sleep pod”,  use the sauna or book a massage.


Spa Day at Tamina Thermal Baths Bad Ragaz

After trying out all the pools don’t forget to go outside to the “piece de resistance”,  the outdoor pool set amongst the rocks with various jets as well as an outdoor jacuzzi. The water was lovely and warm and it felt even more special as there was a little snow on the ground and we relaxed taking in the fabulous views of the mountains.

There’s a good choice of hot and cold food including a selection of salads and drinks at the spa cafe and after lunch we headed back feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. It’s a great place visit and you could also combine it with a day’s skiing at Pizol for an ultimate day in the Bad Ragaz area! More information (in German) here.

The Tamina Thermal Spa at Bad Ragaz really is a magical place  – just take a look at the photo below of the recent snowfall at night. If you visit we hope you have as much fun as we did!

Spa Day at Tamina Thermal Baths Bad Ragaz

Photo © Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz


  1. Take along your own flip flops to walk around in
  2. Take along a towelling bath robe to relax in
  3. Take a bath towel to dry yourself after your shower. (Please note you do get one large warm towel included in the price and of course you can hire another)
  4. The earlier you eat lunch the greater the selection of food available!

Bad Ragaz in Summer

Bad Ragaz is open all year round – above this photo from late Spring.

For more information please visit the Bad Ragaz Tamina thermal spa website.

If you’d like to find a spa in Zurich please see our list of Zurich Spas and Hammams here.


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