Top Hair Tips from Zurich Hairdresser Niall Wykes

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Niall Wykes leading Zurich hairdresser

Top Hair Tips from Zurich Hairdresser

Niall Wykes


Niall Wykes hairdresser Zurich

The name Niall Wykes has been synonymous with quality hairdressing in Zurich for over 14 years. One of the first English speaking expat hairdressers in the city, Niall quickly established a reputation for his legendary cutting skills and his amazing flair with colour. Niall is passionate about hair and when we caught up with him recently he was kind enough to share his top tips for fabulous looking hair with us below.

Niall Wykes in Annabelle magazine

Photo of Annabelle magazine front covers all styled by Niall

“You may have a hair colour you’re very happy with, but often it just needs a little tweak to go from great to amazing” he tells me in his lovely Irish lilt. Niall is a genius with colour but he’s also known for his mastery of the scissors too. He’s a quick worker and knows that most people are under time pressure in Zurich these days but that certainly doesn’t mean any compromise on style. He cuts quickly but with precision.

Good Hairdressers in Zurich

Niall hails from Ireland but loves the city of Zurich he now calls home. His salon is “klein aber fein” as his Swiss customers would say, and has a fabulously central location just behind Globus Bellevue.

Niall studied hairdressing in London and Ireland with Toni & Guy and Vidal Sassoon and is passionate about making his customers happy with their hair cut. The most important thing he says, is making YOU feel good about your hair.

Niall Wykes English speaking hairdresser zurich

He’s very popular in expat English speaking circles and keeps himself up to date on all the latest trends from London and LA – and his customers truly seem to love him. Whilst I was there the customer in the next seat was telling everyone in the salon how amazed and happy she was with her new cut as she was leaving the salon … praise indeed!

Niall Wykes hair Zurich

As well as English speaking customers, Niall has his fair share of Swiss followers too. His assistant Alicia speaks Swiss German, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and Italian and is charming and helpful. We caught up with Niall in his salon and asked him for his top tips for keeping your hair looking top notch at all times.

Niall Wykes hairdressing

Niall’s Top Ten Tips for Fabulous Hair

  1. Find a style that suits you and that you can manage well on your own. There’s no point looking fabulous when you leave the salon but a mess the rest of the time. Your hairdresser should be able to advise you on how to look after your style as well as what style suits your face.
  1. You don’t always have to make big changes for great impact. Subtle changes like highlights or lowlights can really change your look. You may also want to change your hair colour very slightly according to the season.
  1. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut having the same haircut for years. Take advice from your hairdresser and see how you can freshen up your look! Sometimes it’s a good idea to change hairdresser to get a fresh perspective and a new lease of life to your locks.
  1. Use good quality products to look after your hair. Never compromise the condition on of your hair. Get into the habit of using an intensive conditioner once a week – it can work wonders for your hair.
  1. Book in for regular trims every 6 – 8 weeks to keep your hair looking good.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser for advice! If you’re planning on a change of style tell your hairdresser in advance so they can allocate time to discuss it with you before they start cutting. Take along 4 or 5 photos so that they can really see what you’re looking to achieve.
  1. Don’t be frightened of your hairbrush! The good old hairbrush can really help bring out the shine in your hair if you use it regularly.
  1. Always use appropriate heat protection when using straighters, curling tongs and your hairdryer on high heat. These can all damage your hair and in particular the condition. If possible try not to use your straighteners above 180 degrees.
  1. If you’re planning a colour change play safe in depth and tone by making gradual changes – and for best results don’t stray too far from your natural base colour.
  1. Once you’ve found a haircut that flatters you, ask for advice on how to style it for different “looks” eg daytime / evening etc. Your hairdresser can give you suggestions and advice on how to style it.

top ten tips for your hair

Special Summer Promotion

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So if you’re looking for a restyle or even just a fresh point of view, why not give Niall a call? He is offering a special Summer Promotion to all NewInZurich readers with a 20% discount off your first visit. Simply quote the code NewInZurich when booking.

Niall Wykes salon is one of the few Zurich salons open on Mondays!

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm and Friday from 9am till 4pm

Location: St Urbangasse 8, 8001 Zurich

Tel: 043 268 42 66

For more information please visit the Niall Wykes website

All photos copyright Niall Wykes. Article written in conjunction with and with the support of Niall Wykes. The Spring promotion is valid for your first visit to the salon.


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