Zurich Meets London Gala Dinner with DADA


Zurich Meets London Festival


Zurich Meets London Gala Dinner

with DADA


A little piece of Zurich in Borough Market


The other week London Borough Market was abuzz with all things Zurich and all things Swiss. From 17th – 21st May a little bit of Zurich went across the Channel to London for the “Zurich Meets London Festival” which took place at Borough Market. During the day there were stalls full of Swiss produce bringing a real “Swiss feel” to the market and in the evening there were splendid gala dinners.

Zurich Meets London Dinner with DADA

Tibits (who have a branch of their restaurant in London) had their customary “boat” of wonderful vegan and vegetarian treats and were on hand to offer sustenance with lunches and snacks, Café Stoll had coffee on offer and Berg und Tal from the Viadukt were selling everything from Swiss Taucherli chocolate to Swiss dried apple slices.

tibits vegetarian food

There was even honey from Zurich –  Zürihonig, Gents Swiss Roots Tonic, Ginger beer, Stadt-Jäger sausages, Leibacher Bieber Biscuits, watches by Maurice de Mauriac and Mampfstrauss edible Swiss flowers.

Mampfstrauss edible flowers

Turicum Gin was selling gin from Zurich and Brennerei Hans Erismann was offering the city’s whisky. In all there were 17 Zurich producers selling their wares at this old established English market.

Zurich Meets London Dinner with DADA

There were also artistic DADA events at various locations throughout the city over the duration of the festival. In the “Swiss” part of Borough Market, Diccon Bewes, the British author who lives in Switzerland, was impressing everyone with his encyclopaedic knowledge of Switzerland and inviting passers by to share chocolate and a quick quiz with him.

Zurich Meets London Dinner with DADA

In the evening the London Meets Zurich section of the market was transformed into a pop up restaurant where the magnificent Fabian Spiguel and Migel Ledesma from Michelin starred Maison Manesse Restaurant in Zurich enthralled us all with their culinary skills.

dada gala dinner London borough market

The Opening Gala Dinner consisted of a fabulous 5 course menu with delicious treats consisting of pike with green tomato and bergamot, luma pork, tuna, seaweed and truffle, a morel salad with wild strawberries, beef with corn and onions followed by rhubarb birchermüesli crumble. The menu was accompanied, of course, by a selection of Swiss wines.

During the breaks between the courses there were musical and theatrical interludes – all with a DADA influence. In fact there were even DADA-esque inventions and contraptions passed round the dinner tables to entertain the diners during the breaks. It certainly was a fitting way to celebrate 100 years of DADA.

zurich meets london at borough market

It was a fabulous coming together of all that was Swiss with all that was English in the heart of London.

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Zurich meets london at borough market


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