Manifesta 11 Zurich – What People Do For Money

Manifesta 11 Zurich – What People Do For Money

Manifesta 11 Zurich –

What People Do For Money

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What do you do for money? What is it that you do to provide for yourself, your family, your interests and your hobbies? This is the theme being explored at this year’s Manifesta, a 100-day celebration and gathering of contemporary art that takes place in a different European city every two years.

Manifesta – Curated by Artist Christian Jankowski

Founded in 1996, it was first developed and hosted by the Dutch, and has travelled to eight different European cities since. Now, it is being hosted here in Zurich – one of the most technologically and economically advanced countries in the world – the perfect city in which to explore the theme of “What People Do For Money”.  For the first time, it is being curated by an artist – Christian Jankowski, who aims to discover through this theme, how normal people, unrelated to the world of art, are connected to it.

Projects from Thirty Artists

During this celebration, thirty artists from around the world have each chosen a specific individual (or “host”) working in a particular field or career. They have interacted with their hosts, learning about their jobs and how they’ve been affected by their work. Based on these interactions, the artists have each produced a project. These projects will consist of three separate works – a video, an art piece and an exhibition.


The videos, filmed by students from the ZHdK university of the arts, follow middle and high school students and their experiences as they observe the artists’ work. These will be shown at The Pavilion of Reflections.

Pavillon of Reflections Zurich

The Art

The art pieces have been made to reflect the perceived connections between art and the hosts’ professions, and are being exhibited at Kunsthalle Zurich, the Migros Museum for Contemporary Art and at Helmhaus.


Finally, the satellite exhibitions are being shown at the hosts’ workplaces, and may or may not be accessible to the public, depending on where they are being hosted. Additionally, during Manifesta, the Cabaret Voltaire  (which is this year celebrating 100 years of DADA) is being used to host an “artist’s guild”. Anyone is free to join, as long as they have created a performance between an artist and someone unrelated to art chosen to represent a job, to be shown to others in exchange for seeing their performances.


100 years of dada in zurichPhoto courtesy of Cabaret Voltaire


Tickets for Manifesta are available on the Manifesta 11 websiteStarticket or at the Tourist Service counter at Zurich HB. A ZurichCARD can be used to get a CHF 5 reduction on the ticket price. Manifesta 11 started on 11th of June, and continues until the 18th of September.

You may also be interested to learn about the Pavillon of Reflections which is part of the Manifesta 11 art installations.

Article written and researched by Yuji Aoyama

The Pavillon of Reflections is one of the Art Installations which make up Manifesta 11. Find out more below:

Pavillon of Reflections Zurich

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